Sillyporeans taking Singapore for granted? Strawberry Singaporean?

This famous Angmo writer has commented about Singaporeans in his interview with CNA. Two of the points he made were pointing to Singaporean’s attitude, somewhat expressing that Singaporeans are ungrateful. These are what he said, extracted from Channel News Asia. 

1. “I grew up in England. I was mugged twice. A friend of mine was killed in a nightclub incident, so I don’t take things for granted. When I say this in colleges here, I get the collective eye roll of restless 18-year olds who cannot wait to leave the boring, sterile Singapore. Leave. Explore the world and then see if you still take Singapore for granted.”

2. “We’ve become a ‘strawberry country’. We complain about the MRT being four minutes late. Guys, get a grip. See what’s happening just in the neighbouring countries before you wreak havoc on social media.”


Quite dismayed by the fact that we need a non-Singaporean to help us reflect on our behaviour. But it is true and I can totally relate to what he said. 

Being young and wild, there was always a part of me that wants to explore the world out there and I actually thought of leaving Singapore for good. Fortunately, all that has changed after I returned from my Australia stint (shall save my adventures for another time). Some of the things I dislike about Australia (in comparable to Singapore) are the unstable price of vegetables, public transport cost, extremely long waiting time for bus to arrive and their shopping mall sucks. 

In the past, Singapore train rarely broke down or cause delay. But recently there were lots of episodes about the train delaying, accidents and even flooding. I was one of the many who lamented why are such things happening. Whatever happened to the world class public transport?

I guess all these reactions are caused by the government who had once promised the finest things but after several decades, things are starting to go downhill and people are just not prepared to accept it. There is this famous chinese proverb “比上不足比下有餘” (worse off than some, better off than many) it clearly describes how I feel about Singapore now. Singapore may not seem to be the best country to live in, but it is definitely better than most of the countries in terms of safety, security, transport and even cost of living.

Singapore conquest to be the best has now produced citizens who have zero tolerance for any mistakes/hiccups. We need to remember that a country is run by human, and as human we are not perfect.

Harley Wong (young, wild and free)

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