Has Lee Hsien Loong failed Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore?

If you listen to Chee Soon Juan’s rants, you might think so. But if you take the time to think a little deeper, you will realize that LHL has not.

In CSJ’s eyes, LHL is no LKY and Singapore has stagnated under his PMship. CSJ is right! LHL is no LKY and he cannot be. This is simply because Singapore is no longer a 3rd world country and the Singapore that LHL is leading is very different from the Singapore of LKY’s time. 

As a 3rd world country in 1960s, Singaporeans lived a simple life. There was no internet, no flushable toilet, no running water and even no TV. But people were happy, and they were grateful for whatever the G could give them. Today, Singaporeans have changed.

What were wants in the 60s, have now become needs. Today, Singaporeans are no longer happy just to own a HDB. They expect the HDB to be cheap, to be big, to have a nice view and to appreciate in value. The reality is that as a developing nation in the 60s, the bar was much lower and hence it was easier for LKY (and his generation of leaders) to raise it. Just look at how our expectations for public housing has changed. Today, as a 1st world country, it takes a lot more to raise the bar. 

Even if LHL worked twice as hard and twice as smart as LKY, progress would at best be only incremental – just like developed countries, the US and the UK.
So, if you use the rate of “progress”, as CSJ has mischievously done, to judge the achievements of LHL, you would not be comparing apples to apples. A fair person, would compare LHL’s achievements with the leaders of other developed nations. If you will do this, you will conclude that LHL has not failed LKY or Singapore.

This article is contributed by Tan Yu Chuan. Please drop us a message if you want to contribute an article http://www.facebook.com/RiseofTheStrawberryNation

Photos are taken from PM’s FB. 


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