My deep-seated culture at home

Almost everyone in Singapore is bashing Desmond Kuek, calling for his resignation. If you do not know who Kuek is, go Google. During the press conference on 16 October about the longest train breakdown in Singapore, he stated the problem stemmed from a deep-seated culture that cannot be resolved that easily. 

Most of us will go ‘KNN! You are given 5 years to solve and your pay is even higher than ah LOONG and you still cannot solve it. You should resign!’ 

The maintenance team turned out to be the culprits who failed to do proper maintenance of the sludge pool. And they even fake records of doing work. Tsk tsk.

But I can’t help but think of the relationship between my Son and I. My Son was such a cutie when he was a toddler. He used to tell me everything and does everything I told him to. Properly. But as he grows up – like every teenager, he started to have his own friends and own ways of doing things. He will listen at times especially when he needs a favour from me. But more often than not, he will dismiss me with a ‘I will do it later’ or ‘I’ve already packed up my room’. And when you look under the bed, all the toys and clothes are there. I will just shake my head and just hope that he will understand when he becomes a parent. 

My point is, just as we want to create a system at home and expects everyone to follow the system, there will always be people who will ‘chao geng’ or simply refused to do things. Our MRT system used to be alright but due to the previous CEO’s profit-over-maintenance strategy, the breakdowns started.

Desmond Kuek has a lot on his plate to deliver and I do expect him to do it. And Minister Khaw too. But right now, let’s just trust Khaw’s commitment to solve the problem. Let’s give them time.

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