Not your usual coffee shop uncle

Are my eyes playing tricks on me? Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin and Worker’s Party boss Low Thia Khiang having a meal and acting all buddy buddy? Were they doing some kind of blue-sky thinking? Hur hur hur. 

Jokes aside, Speaker TCJ is transforming his new role. Since he became speaker, he has been actively engaging the other side of the house, demonstrating his neutrality as Speaker of Parliament. Check out one of his earlier post:   

He also clarified why Sylvia’s motion was not chosen, and provided us some insights on the balloting process – Sylvia was simply _suay_ that her motion was not picked. 

TCJ even told off a fan-boy that commented negatively about Sylvia Lim on CJ’s FB page: 

Perhaps the Speaker role is the perfect job for Chuan-Jin. Many Singaporeans are simply bo chap over how Parliamentary processes and Mr Popular here will help us up our game.  

“I’d be exploring ways to help us all better understand how the various Parliamentary processes work. Recently I briefly shared about the Adjournment Motion. I may also take us through how some of these laws come into being and the steps and efforts involved before reaching this stage. It’s not always clear or apparent to public as to how it unfolds. Of course, I guess there can also be small details such as these documentation steps and trivia that may be also of interest e.g I found in my office the old horse hair wig that the Speaker used to wear!

Meanwhile, do check out our Parliamentary Website.

If you like what you just read, why not check out

Photo Source: Sure Boh Singapore 


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