You have the right to be mad over the Reserved Presidential Election

My friends are mad. My parents are mad. Bertha Henson (our idol) is freaking mad. Without a doubt, G screwed up the process of how elected presidency came about, which many Singaporeans were unhappy but not furious. The final straw was the announcement of one qualified candidate, effectively ending any hopes to vote or send a message. G opened the gates of hell.

G mentioned that it is a political price they are willing to pay; which they will (in the next GE). There is an emotional element linked to this issue and this is something that Singaporeans will not forget. 

Opposition will bring it up again and paired with the increase in cost of living, somebody gonna be hurt real bad.

Is G treating Singaporeans as idiots? Reiterating my earlier point, many friends felt that the reserved EP left a sour taste in their mouth. 

The only saving grace for G, which they cannot openly admit is how our racial harmony came about. Our racial harmony is not natural and has been delicately calibrated. Every class in school has a good mixture of Singaporeans from different races. We have quotas for each race in our public housing. Our political leaders have been constantly towing the line to emphasize the need to maintain racial harmony.

Say you don’t buy what I wrote on the need to maintain racial harmony and feel that G is all out to stop Tan Cheng Bock from running. Remember, TCB was effectively out of the race as he was unable meet the 500 million criteria. 

Even if It’s an open election and TCB qualifies, G could have easily recalled the popular George Yeo to run against TCB. 

Has G been playing the role of protective mum too often? The recent episode might feel like a kick in the teeth for many but in the long run, it could be a necessary step. Just like the decision to allow casinos to operate in Singapore, let the future judge the G. 

In the meantime, you can be furious but also be rational.


Photos: Mdm President FB page 

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