Tan Chuan-Jin and his path to Presidency?

LET US fast-forward the years. Would there be an open Presidential Election in 2022 and a possibility that our President in 2022 is Tan Chuan-Jin?

In a surprise move, Minister Tan Chuan-Jin will be appointed as the new Speaker of Parliament. Tan Chuan-Jin will be the tenth Speaker since the First Legislative Assembly of 1955, taking over from Mdm Halimah Yacob. 

Given that there is still this big hoo-ha over the upcoming reserved Presidential Election, is G laying the groundwork for Chuan-Jin to be the next President?

Chuan-Jin did well in his Ministry of Social and Family Development portfolio and the promising KidSTART initiative was even highlighted by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during NDR 2017. KidSTART is a government scheme to help disadvantaged children break the poverty cycle, and currently offers a range of support for children aged up to six, and about 400 families are currently on the scheme.

Under his care, Chuan-Jin also managed to fight for unwed mothers and full 16-week of maternity leave have been extended to unwed mothers. Children of unwed mothers will also have access to a Child Development Account (CDA), a savings scheme meant to pay for childcare and healthcare costs.

This change still feels like a bolt from the blue. Chuan-Jin is a person whose heart is in the right place. 

We wish him Good Luck and Godspeed, future Mr President.

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