If GE was held on NDP, confirm sure win!

August 9 is that one day where almost all Singaporeans will feel proud and wear red. Some will even wave flag. Tell me, would you do it any other day? So that is why I say if General Elections is held during National Day, confirm sure win one.

This year’s NDP theme is foward looking with the theme of Building Our Singapore of Tomorrow. So don’t expect any Lee Kuan Yew-related reference. Anyway, the NDP is not without its issues. They get whacked just like some MPs.


So,  the Education cum Defence Minister Ong Ye Kung shared that the “Marina Bay Floating Platform will continue to feature at the National Day Parade in the years ahead, and more details will be released at a later date”. While we 101% definitely prefer the Floating Platform over the Sports Hub coz of unobstructed view and the dynamic displays. He confirm kena whack…and true enough, he did. Mainly coz gahmen spent a billion dollars on the Sports Hub. Nevertheless, he still got our vote as one of the potentials for next Prime Minister.


So, this year’s NDP song is a rousing ballad composed by veteran Lee Wei Song (no Dick Lee this year?) Titled Because It’s Singapore!, it is inspired by the everyday lives of Singaporeans living together in harmony. It is also sung by local musician Jay Lim. According to the comments on the Straits Times Facebook page, the song was criticised for not “being exuberant enough and derivative of earlier songs”. A cheem way of saying it is lousy. Even Kim Huat whack…and whack.

So instead of sharing this song, people shared videos of the viral “Evolution of NDP Songs” by MICapella, a Singapore capella group. Even Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong also shared! #MakeNDPSongsGreatAgain

Speaking of viral videos, some naughty netizens even say Busker Uncle should be featured in National Day!


SO apparently the tamil translation on NDP pamphlets were wrong. The Tamil version of this year’s slogan, #OneNationTogether, saw a number of characters switched around, and others missing. So the NDP Chairman Colonel Ong Yoke Lam Melvin.  issued an apology. Fair enough actually.

“Such typographical errors are avoidable and should not have happened. We apologise to all Singaporeans for our oversight, in particular to our Tamil community, for the unhappiness this error has caused.”

But the Defense Minister Ng Eng Hen went to whack the printers. Alamak! Thot settled liao?

Speaking of collaterals, you will also see in your neighbourhood banners of MPs with their constituency. That is fine but Looks like an eagle-eyed netizen spotted a resident wearing a USA t-shirt in the banner. Hahaha. Oh well, hope no one lost their job.

CMI Businesses and SG52 Fails

No need to say much. Giordano and Maki-san.

But this business The Lamppost Project success! The thousands of lamppost banners and flags, produced for our National Day celebrations are turned into tote bags. These bags are sewn by less privileged Singaporeans and funds benefit the Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH) and LOOMs Workshops, a social enterprise supporting single moms.

Grandma Mary

Anyway, mark my words, Grandma Mary will definitely steal the show as the NDP 2017’s oldest performer, on the electric guitar, even though she was only featured for less than a minute. Catch her on TV on 9 August. #GrandmaMary Even Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is a fan!

Wear Your National Colours

So, dun forget to wear red on National Day. Wearing your Man Utd jerseys also count. But bonus if you got Singapore flag on it.

Happy National Day and We are Proud to Be Singaporeans. We leave you with one of the MP Chee Hong Tat wishing you Happy National Day in not one but four different languages!

Mr Teh Terik

Visit http://www.facebook.com/RiseofTheStrawberryNation for more of our idiosyncrasies.

Source of Featured Image: Straits Times


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