Singaporeans, we are THE LOSERS of the FamiLEE saga 

HIGH net worth clients can easily instruct their bankers to transfer money. Just ask your friends working in the private banking industry. Some clients are so rich and with confidentiality agreements, their names will not appear in the banking system. Only code numbers or random letters appear in the system and the real identity behind an account is only known to the top management. If required, a particular high net worth client can easily transfer his funds to Hong Kong and subsequently leave Singapore. 

That is after creating a dog’s breakfast in Singapore.  

The current FamiLEE saga is not helping Singaporeans. The world is watching and some ‘friendlier’ countries are ridiculating this family quarrel. If G falls, who will be affected? Lee Hsien Yang and his wife, Lee Suet Fern, can easily dust the dirt off their shoes and leave Singapore. Lee Wei Ling probably have enough assets to survive comfortably for her lifetime. Once Singapore is damaged, the rich can move on easily. 

How about the man on the street? 

What can an average Singaporean like you and I do? We need our monthly pay cheque. 

This is why it is selfish of Lee Hsien Yang to be attacking PM Lee Hsien Loong in public. Why is LHY perpetually releasing Facebook posts condemning PM? Does LHY has a genuine concern for Singaporeans? No good will come out of this and Lee Hsien Yang does not bother about the future of Singapore. This saga has transformed from a family feud to an outright attack on Singapore and on the credibility, integrity of the G. LHY is unreservedly accusing PM as a liar and casting doubt at the G.  

As I mentioned earlier, people around the world are watching. Investors are keeping an keen eye on what is going on in Singapore. The Singapore’s economy is not child’s play and in Lee Kuan Yew’s words, “This is not a game of cards. This is your life and mine.” 

We need to be more conscious of what this saga is leading us to. Singapore’s reputation is on the line and if damaged, it will affect our livelihood.

“Just because it’s snowing outside, it doesn’t mean that global warming is not taking place” I hope all readers can relate to this.


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  1. Agree with what you are saying, but please direct your concerns to LHL
    The other two siblings have already given their reasons why this has got to go public.


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