Lee Hsien Loong – The Conflicted Leader

Looking at Lee Hsien Loong or Ah Loong’s Facebook page, apart from posts about his Prime Minister duties or MP duties at Ang Mo Kio GRC, he will post some personal posts. From his #GuessWhere to his #JalanJalan posts, he gives the impression that he is a man-in-the-street like you and me. Once in awhile, he will even post a cheeky one especially his #GuessWhoTheTwo Silouhettes post.

Just in case you can’t see the above.

Lee Hsien Loong FB post

While we love our dear Founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, we also love our Prime Minister even more. He definitely has gone through tough shit. Too many to count, from his fainting spell at NDR, the scare when one of his trusted Cabinet member Heng Swee Keat had a stroke, the David Ong saga, and of course the FamiLEE saga. Who can ever forget that he had to address the NATION on the passing of Lee Kuan Yew, his own father, while grieving himself. Some say he got an easier life compared to his lao pei but I say his tenure as Prime Minister is even tougher trying to keep a country growing that is already prosperous (relative coz economy down again).

Lee Hsien Loong as Prime Minister

As the Prime Minister of the Little Red Dot we call Singapore, he is involved in appointing his “ka kia” (hokkien for hands and legs but in this case, respectable men and women of calibre”) into his Cabinet, chair the Cabinet and is generally the face of the government.

Ah Loong also has a rock star status with Singaporeans (and foreigners), all wanting to take selfies and wefies with him wherever he goes. After all, where else in the world can the Prime Minister be so accessible to its people?

While we always like to say the gahmen is cock, the gahmen ownself praise ownself, and that the gahmen is always ‘left pocket in, right pocket out’.  Singapore had also been described as draconian. I thought related to Dracula but google told me it means excessively harsh and severe (of laws or their application).

To Ah Loong’s credit, he is mindful of this kind of coffeeshop talk and has publicly expressed his will to make the gahmen more accountable and responsive. Do you remember his apology (not from the FamiLEE saga but the one other time)? On TV, he shared,

Many Singaporeans wish for the government to adopt a different style and approach. We hear your voice.

Then he apologised for some of the mistakes his government had made in the previous terms and promised to make it right.


Lee Hsien Loong as a Family Man

In 1982, he lost his first wife soon after she delivered their second child. Ten years later, he was diagnosed with lymphoma.  In the spirit of his father (not his siblings) of resilence, he recovered from those setbacks. He married Ho Ching, who has given him to two children since. He also underwent treatment and is currently under remission. Subsequently, he also underwent a prostatectomy in 2015 after being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Also, where were you when Ah Loong addressed the nation at 8am on 23 March 2015, following the passing of not only his father but the Nation’s father in Malay, Chinese and English.

Lee Hsien Loong as the Conflicted Leader

Now, he is back in the limelight over the on-going public spat regarding 38 Oxley brought on by his two younger siblings Lee Hsien Yang and Lee Wei Ling. Both are accomplished in their own right but they seem bent on destroying his credibility. Potshots are taken at him over little single detail and private emails released from back in the day.

As a leader, he is always in a constant state of flux coz he is privy to matters and information of confidential in nature and sometimes, matters of national interest and security. As Ah Loong the eldest brother of Ah Yang and Ah Ling, he would have to take off his Prime Minister cap and wear his citizen of Singapore “hat”.  I doubt he will share any of the gahmen’s private information with them over family steamboats or mookatas. I dare say sometimes, he may even have to “act blur” which is why now Ah Yang and Ah Ling are casting doubts on your character.

I Trust Ah Loong

You may have seen the hashtags, #ITrustMyPM #ITrustLeeHsienLoong. I do trust Ah Loong. Not becoz he is my Prime Minister. Not because he is Lee Kuan Yew’s son. Not because he is likeable even though he is. I trust him because he is a leader who cares deeply about Singapore and has steered Singapore the right way economically especially from the global economic crisis in 2009 and 2010, amongst other things. He could have cared too much for the country and thus not enough time for his family.  Nobody is perfect and yet the character is called into question on a daily basis at this time. I stand by, yet sympathise with the Prime Minister because he is the conflicted leader.

Mr Teh Terik

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Source of Featured Image: CNN (captions added)


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