Duty to Family, Duty to Country

PM LEE HSIEN LOONG is caught between a rock and a hard place. As a filial son, he has to respect his father’s wishes but as the leader of Singapore, he has to hear what Singaporeans want. I can’t help but sympathise with PM LHL. He must be so agonised by the saga surrounding 38 Oxley Road.

When was the last time you were faced with a dilemma? I recalled a question raised by my sister “You have one life bouy and can only save a person. If mummy and ah jie (my wife) fell into the sea, who will you save?”. Sigh….., it would be much easier if I have to choose between my camera or my wife. I will definitely pick my camera.

Passing of LKY
When the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew passed on in 2015, it was a conflicted moment for PM LHL. As head of Singapore, he addressed the country and led the country through the sorrow of losing their greatest leader. 

As a son, what would any son that lost his father want? Quiet time with family? Alone time? Sadly, PM Lee were not given such options.

PM LHL had to face the media. He had to front guests who paid their respects to LKY. He had to put on a brave front and hold his emotions. Whether you are a critic or a supporter of LHL, you have to give credit to this man. Just imagine what he went through.

38 Oxley Road
Back in April 2015, PM Lee told Parliament that a decision on 38 Oxley Road is not required because his sister, Lee Wei Ling continues to live there. But if and when LWL no longer lives in the house, Mr LKY has stated his wish that the house should be demolished. He also mentioned:

“At that point, speaking as a son, I would like to see these wishes carried out, …. However, it will be up to the government of the day to consider the matter.”

It is not easy to wear the hat as PM and at the same time, look through the lens as a son. 

By now, readers would have read a fair share of Facebook updates by the siblings, articles. It is a lot to digest. Looking beyond the bickering and the main point that struck was – It is not easy to be in PM’s shoes. PM is trying very hard to balance between family and public opinions.

I leave readers with a short video MM Lee Kuan Yew, on what are the things that are important in his life.

Let us reflect and thank PM LHL for his leadership. Stop fanning the fire. 


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Video credit: RazorTV

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