Lee Suet Fern – The Puppet Master

Since the Lee Family saga broke yesterday, it has been the talking point in Singapore…and frankly across the world such as The Washington Post, South China Morning Post, Bloomberg and many more. But yet, we watch with disbelief as the drama unfolds before our very eyes. Who would have thought that the brother and sister of the Prime Minister himself to issue a joint statement “attacking” their own flesh and blood, stating “We do not trust Hsien Loong as a brother or as a leader. We have lost confidence in him.” All this over 38 Oxley Road.

Nevertheless, everybody watching this soap opera unfold, taking sides and looking forward the twists and turns. The Lees have been trained well, playing up this drama like a poker game, keeping their show hand cards to the very end but teasing with a glimpse of a card or two.

Like every soap opera, the question on everyone’s mind is who did it and what is the motive?

Ready for the Twist?

The internal Ministerial Committee that was set up by Cabinet to consider the options for 38 Oxley Road had asked for the role that Ms Lee Suet Fern, a corporate lawyer, and lawyers from her legal firm played in preparing the Last Will. Coincidentally, she also happened to be the wife of Hsien Yang. In a twist of events, there were actually different versions of the Will, according to a statutory declaration released by Hsien Loong. So there was a reason why the Ministerial Committee brought Suet Fern into the picture.

Everyone thought it was a two-way battle, one corner Hsien Loong and the other corner Hsien Yang & Wei Ling. Guess Suet Fern has appeared to be the third player in this field.

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There are seven different versions of the Will?

In the original Will, the share of the 38 Oxley Road was divided into 3 equal parts. In the sixth version, Wei Ling got half of the share and one-quarter each for Hsien Loong and Hsien Yang. Do note that up to this point, it was lawyer Kwa Kim Li who wrote the first six draft of the will.

But for the seventh and Last Will, Suet Fen and law firm buddies swopped in to take over the drafting claiming Kim Li was not available.  In the Last Will, not only was the share back to 3 equal parts but the Demolition Clause was also sneakily inserted. As such, Wei Ling and Hsien Yang used that clause to claim that Mr Lee Kuan Yew was firm in his wish that 38 Oxley Road be demolished and he was not prepared to accept its preservation.

What was the Motive?

What role did Lee Suet Fern have to play in this saga? What do they have to gain by demolishing the house. The most obvious reason is $$$! Hsien Yang and Wei Ling have everything to gain for the house to be torn down and the land sold. That is prime land right there and a quick check on property guru shows a semi-detached house selling for more than $20 million!!! 

Were Hsien Yang and Wei Ling puppets in Suet Fern’s devilish scheme? Was Wei Ling too gullible? Did Hsien Loong see through the scheme and tried to prevent his sister from becoming the biggest loser?

Folks, it is always about the money! Psst…I wouldn’t be surprised if it is about power and control too. Stay tuned.

Mr Teh Tarik

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  1. Im sorry to say, but if you were thinking that it’s about money then you are very naive. 20m? divided by 3? you think that is enough money for them to make such waves? think again my friend.


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