House of Convenient Excuses?

What if I tell you that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong never wanted to be PM. He was thrust into the position by the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew and he has been doing his best to steady the ship. The hard truth is there is only one Lee Kuan Yew and PM knows that. It is a constant uphill battle as PM will always be compared to his father. 

Whatever we do, family support is important. There is bound to be disagreements and as outsiders, we will never fully know what transpires within a family. Nevertheless, family is family and we must stand united. What we do know is that PM is the chosen one. The cabinet has chosen LHL to lead Singapore. LHY and LWL should respect the decision and be happy for their brother. As the children of LKY, LHY and LWL should not wash dirty laundry in public. What will other countries think of Singapore?

LHY and LWL allege that LHL is misusing his position to influence the G to remain in power? This is laughable. PM has been talking about succession for the longest time. The only item on PM’s plate is a strong and stable Singapore, for as long as possible. As for personal agenda, I think it is LHY and LWL that have the dubious agenda here. Airing family matters in public can only destroy the work LKY spent his life doing. So I find it strange to destroy something you claim to be protecting. 

Is this LHY’s first attempt to leave Singapore? The older Singaporeans will know that this is far from the truth. LHY has always wanted to leave Singapore … and I heard his wife too. So is this the perfect LHY’s exit plan? While LHL is the PM and thus the most powerful man in Singapore, I am pretty sure our civil servants and the Courts would not allow PM to use of organs of state against LHY and LWL. So what is there to fear? 

And what’s with releasing a post at 2 a.m.? Anyhow, PM’s latest FB post revealed that PM is on holiday and his siblings knew about it. Wow, talk about having agendas. 

The values that LKY espoused are still very much alive. Two of which that are relevant here are the belief in the system and that no man is above the law. I personally see these 2 values in LHL’s handling of this matter. Unfortunately, judging from LHY and LWL’s actions, I don’t see it in them.

To me, the house is just a convenient excuse ….


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