Edwin Tong, Hero or Villain? 

EDWIN Tong must be feeling the heat. City Harvest verdict is the talk of the town – Kong Hee and Serena Wee (hur hur) in particular but Edwin Tong’s name has surfaced. Edwin is the defense lawyer for City Harvest Church, Member of Parliament (Joo Chiat) and also member of the ruling party. 

If you want to read more about Edwin Tong, why not read his speech on means testing 

“I look at it not based on morals, but on legal standards.” 

Mothership rehashed an interview with Edwin Tong from 2015. Here’s a paragraph from the article mentioning City Harvest:  

“My perspective (for picking up the case) was, it’s the job I do — I act for a variety of people. So some may regard him (Kong Hee) to be immoral, but I’m not there to look after his morals, I’m there to look after whether he’s guilty or not of an offence. And that’s my job.” 

Is Edwin Tong wrong?

As a working adult, I gave my weekday nights to my company. How many times have I caved in to overtime, just to complete one last query from a customer. On most weekdays, I don’t even get to see the evening sun. 

Those in PR and marketing services may relate better. For instance, an inferior product, XYZ coffee needs to be marketed. Your firm is being paid to market the product. As the head of the marketing department, what will you do? A campaign for this product is required, regardless you like it or not.

Is there a need to enjoy that particular brand of coffee? Or must I be a coffee drinker? 

When called upon in our professional capacity, our role is to do our job. We want to bring the dough home. Do we have the right to fault Edwin Tong on the City Harvest verdict? 

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Cover photo source: Edwin Tong’s Facebook Page 


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  1. > 17 Apr 2017

    It is never wrong to earn money Morally or Immorally
    It all depends on ones circumstances
    And outsiders shouldnt try to over judge

    BUT EDWIN being a MP from a MORAL and RIGHTEOUS political PAP


    It goes to show to Singaporeans that PAP do have people who dont care
    and dont not have any sense of Moral Standard on ones public behaviour

    In extreme
    Can the MP wife be a karoke worker entertaining drunkard men
    Legally nothing wrong as he might have put it
    Will his conscience and that of PAP image say the same

    People YOU DECIDE

    For a change of my GE vote
    I will make an exception from my Diehard vote for the PAP Machinery

    IF ever Edwin comes to my area ask for my vote
    I will give PAP a BLANK vote



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