Which MP Legit Football Fan ah?

If you are an English Premier League (EPL) football fan, you would know that this season has been a topsy turvey one with 5 teams trying to chase after the unstoppable Chelsea. So it has become interesting with the fans as well as soccer bookies when Chelsea lost and Tottenham won, reducing the gap from 1st and  2nd team to only 7 points.

Lead me to to think if our MPs also follow football in their hectic lives of community events and parliamentary events. Coz last season when Lay-ches-ter City (Leicester City) won, some MPs were quick to use the victory to score some political points for themselves.

Please read about it in Political Mileage.

Then of course when Joseph Schooling won, more MPs used it to score political mileage even though they may have never stepped into a pool in their lives.

You can read about it in Political Mileage (Joseph Schooling edition).

Speaking of Joseph Schooling, he is a Chelsea fan!

Taking over his place… not like Chelsea needs him anyway hahaha 😂😂

A post shared by Joseph Schooling (@josephschooling) on

So…who are the MPs who are legit EPL fans?

  1. Melvin Yong – Everton

So anyway, it looks like MP Melvin Yong is from Tanjong Pagar GRC is a legit Everton fan! He posts quite consistently about his team, even watching them live when they were in Singapore.

2. Tan Chuan Jin – Liverpool

Then looks like the Army Minister is a legit Liverpool fan! I say so becoz of the following post. Anyone who meets Man Utd Legend David Beckham and still say he Liverpool fan must have balls of steel.

3. Shanmugam – Arsenal

When he is not whacking opposition or scolding our neighbours, I suppose Saturday nights are reserved for this self-proclaimed “long suffering Arsenal fan”. So now we know he is not a happy man on Monday morning when Arsenal loses.

So which other MP you know is a legit football fan?

Mr Teh Terik

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<Featured Image Credit: Tan Chuan-Jin FB Page>


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