Movie Review: The Passenger 

Panda: “Hey, have you watch this movie, ‘The Passenger’.”

Joe: “What movie is that?”

Panda: “Who act ah. The hunger games girl, Jennifer Lawrence.”

Joe:”What about it?”

Panda: “It is about a time when everything on earth is so advanced that people start migrating to other planets.”

Joe: “Okay …..”

Panda: “But the fucked up thing is that there’s only 4 people acting. Cheapo movie.”

Panda:” So, this group of people are on board a spaceship and for some reason, this guy woke up. He realized that he is 99 years away from reaching the planet. Everyone is sleeping. As you sleep, you don’t age.”
Joe: “This fella must have woke someone up.”

Panda: “Yeah, the guy woke Jennifer Lawrence up.”

Joe: “Okay. And without giving away spoilers, they fell in love and the story continues ….”

Panda:” Yup. This is like the standard 2 person stuck on an island love story but in this case, a spaceship. To me, it does not matter whether you are on a spaceship or in a country, the process of finding love is the same, it’s how you use it.”

Do you agree with Panda’s review? 

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