By right, grassroots leaders or GRLs for short are suppose to bring the people and government closer, gather feedback from residents, implement the government’s social programmes and help to explain gahmen policies to residents to the best of their ability.

By left, these GRLs are seen to be lackeys to their MPs. Instead of gathering feedback or sharing gahmen policies, they angkat their MP’s balls by bringing them food and making sure the residents don’t ask their MPs inconvenient questions.

If these GRLs were supervisors in their workplace, do they also angkat their bosses’ balls and take credit for their employees’ work? Dunno lah, just food for thought.

Last year, Mr Teh Terik wrote a piece about them.

Inconclusive but then again, they are back in the news recently! The Hammer Party’s Gerald Giam recently posted a picture of a door hanger recruiting volunteers and highlighting the benefits.

Then Hammer Party hit a home run with their spoof of the door hanger and taking the opportunity to do recruiting also. Some more they kena more than 1,000 likes and love on this posts when they hardly even hit 200 likes in their last few posts.

But why GRLs always kena hantam. Sometimes scammers also pretend to be GRLs. Could it possibly be the power and trust they hold? Coz I think some residents do think of their GRLs as an extension of the gahmen, coz gahmen cannot be everywhere mah.

Of course, People Association have to come up with a statement but wah lau, sounds like a what a corporate communications executive will put out. No picture some more.

Neber mind, I help PA do their job.

While I cannot deny that some GRLs are assholes who only care about goodie bags and carry MP’s balls (lady MP how ah?) while feeling so shiok standing so close to their MPs. There are good ones out there who really give their time to serve community.

For example…

Anyway, I noticed that some of the MPs do take the opportunity to appreciate their GRLs alka volunteers especially Dr Maliki Osman and Joan Pereira. Definitely not wayang coz their appreciation is quite consistent. 

Also, the army Minister Tan Chuan Jin also emphasised that it takes a whole Kampong including GRLs to help the vulnerable groups. By the way, click on the article and see the last paragraph of this gahmen newspaper, formatting error some more. Cannot make it lah!

Another army Minister Ng Chee Meng also gave a shout-out to his GRLs.

Then I think these GRLs also got do strategic planning one based on the work plan seminar. But how come the grassroots events always the same one ah? Copy and paste work plan ah?

Last words from Mr Teh Terik to the Fengshan GRLs. Dun bodoh kambing lah! If wanna recruit, do properly like this one.

RC Volunteer Recruitment

And if you all can, screen volunteers properly and find quality ones like Ms Azizah Mohamed Noor, Single mum with 4 kids finds time to volunteer.

Hero volunteers

So you decide…Grassroots Leaders or Grassroots Lackeys?

Mr Teh Terik

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