Colon Cancer and a Crush

COLON cancer took away the lives of two of my friends. The recent one was my Junior College (JC) school mate. He was my JC crush. He was only 32. A tinge of sadness struck.

That part of your life where you go to school, hoping to get a glimpse of that someone. Walking past a certain classroom to see if he’s there. Pretending to do sports just because he is playing soccer. The face kept appearing in my head. 

How has life treated him after we graduated? 

Life is fragile. Life is precious. Life is full of choices. 

Some choose to waste their time, living day to day aimlessly. 

Some have no time. Fighting every second to live to the fullest.

But there is still a choice. 

A choice to live the way you want – no regrets. No one will judge your decision. Remember. It is your choice.

Rest In Peace.


Eliz writes occasionally for RTSN. Do visit the FB page at 


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