Beware of ‘Push-Pocket’ in Kuala Lumpur 

VISITING our ‘friendly’ neighbours? Here is another incident that you should be aware of: Push-Pocket. 

Instead of taking something from the victims, the syndicate is now planting an item on victims.

This is the circulated message from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: 

Unfortunately, this message did not state what actions a victim can take. If I were caught in such a situation, I would: 

1) Kick up a big fuss. Draw attention to the situation as perpetrators are afraid of unwanted attention. 

2) Question the perpetrators and make claims! Claim that your friends or parents are nearby, you are expecting them. Claim that you have a video evidence of what you have been doing. 

3) And more importantly, never follow the perpetrators to a secluded location. 

If luck is on your side, there may be CCTV nearby which the video recording can be used as evidence. 


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