You Say It Best, When You Say Nothing at All. Which MP “Wore It Better”?

In case you haven’t heard, according to gahmen newspapers, at least 13 People’s Action Party (PAP) MPs have had fake Facebook accounts created in their names between Thursday night (March 16) and Friday morning (March 17) , all for phishing attempts.

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According to PAP executive director Alex Yam shared “The spoof accounts start by imitating known public figures and adding friends. They then attempt to phish for information by sending spam messages through FB Messenger and using a simple tactic related to previous “Facebook Lottery”/”Facebook Reward Bonus” scams. This scam has been around for some time and usually uses known public figures or even random accounts.

The 13 spoof accounts in question have been swiftly reported and taken down.”

Unlike most of his PAP colleagues, we noticed Alex doesn’t really use a public profile page but rather a friend page. Hmmm…

So, it looks like the 13 affected are:

  1. Minister Chan Chun Sing
  2. SMS Heng Chee How
  3. SMS Sim Ann
  4. MOS Chee Hong Tat
  5. MP Darryl David
  6. MP Cheryl Chan
  7. MP Lily Neo
  8. MP Tin Pei Ling
  9. MP Ang Wei Neng
  10. MP Charles Chong
  11. MP Desmond Choo
  12. MP Baey Yam Keng
  13. MP Chia Shi-Lu


In the TODAY article, Professor Ang Peng Hwa of Nanyang Technological University speculated that one reason MPs’ identities were preyed on was because the perpetrators

“want to bank on this sense of trust” that politicians enjoy with the public.


Well, it is nice to know that the con artists scammed with the assumption that there is trust with the PAP fellas and their supporters. Otherwise, why never target opposition fellas.

And so, speaking of this trust, the MPs cannot let their followers get scammed right? So must post on Facebook to warn their followers. So, who did it best? Well, here are their FB posts. Scroll down for Mr Teh Terik’s thoughts.

So, who wore it better?

  1. The Blue Tick Award goes to: Chee Hong Tat, Lily Neo, Baey Yam Keng and Tin Pei Ling. Basically, blue tick is legit page.
  2. Don’t Give A Damn Award goes to Sim Ann and Chia Shi-Lu. Never even post anything. Two ways to look at it. First, fake account, who cares? Second, my followers are way smarter than to fall for it. You decide.
  3. Economy of Words Award goes to: Heng Chee How. How to get your point across in as few words as possible.
  4. Most caring MP Award goes to: Baey Yam Keng. Not only was he concerned about his followers, he also made sure to let his followers know his parliamentary colleagues kena also.

What are your thoughts?

Mr Teh Terik

Visit for more of our idiosyncrasies.

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