30 Days Later: Water Hike Causes A Ripple Effect. You think?

You ask any uncle, auntie, colleague, father, mother, brother, sister about the Budget 2017 and they give you blur look. But just before you can say water, they already give you a KNN or WTH look. Where did it all begin?

Exactly 30 days ago, Environment and Water Resources Minister Masagos Zulkifli  already pre-empted the water price increase in the government papers. To be honest, it wasn’t the water hike that drew my attention but Masagos! I thought he still the 2nd police minister or something liddat and that my man Vivivan is still Environment Minister. Oops!

In The New Paper article, he was quoted…

Water is set to cost more here, as Singapore seeks to ensure long-term water security in face of uncertain weather conditions.”

Fair enough. I mean, if you remember, back then, we had to take drastic actions to create our own water dubbed NEWater aka toilet water aka longkang (drain) water. But hey, now those lucky enough or got lobang to go to NDP would happily drink the NEWater in their funpack along with another bottle from the sponsor (NTUC?)? Also, it seems that if got gahmen or grassroots events, just ask PUB and they are more than happy to provide cartons and cartons of the stuff.

Then 20 February and Budget 2017 came and went. Gahmen servants watched becoz they had to cared but most didn’t.

Then the infamous CNA interview came on. Enuff said. #Awareness #MediaManagementMatters #itisjusttobringuptheawarenesstheimportanceofwater

Overnight, even if you dunno about the water increase, now you know. My favourite one is “So now we aware, can lower the water price back?”

Of course awareness about this increase really jumped. Pritam Singh even crowdsourced for opinions. Then MPs all came out to defend or ask questions.

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If you haven’t heard, there is even a protest Against Unjustified 30% Increase in Cost of Water at Hong Lim Park this Saturday.


My mom will say “You Siao ah! Nothing Better to do ah.”

Now, dun get me wrong, I see PUB no up for 2 shallow reasons (pun intended):

1) Ponding: Contrary to popular belief, it is not Vivian who was advocated the term ponding. He was actually scolding PUB in Parliament (I think) for using that term. Remember calling a spade a spade? Poor Vivian. Everytime got flash flood, his name gets dragged though the mud (pun intended again)

“As far as I’m concerned, I call a spade a spade – a flood is a flood,” he said firmly.


2) Another reason why I hate PUB for is the idiotic, stupid, mindless Wally video. Remember? Nabeh, call it MTV some more. See lah, get lowest quote.

Love the comments though.Comment 2Comment 1

With that being said, Mr Teh Terik must say something. While I hear what everybody is saying, we are making a big deal out of nothing. So here are what the folks are saying.

30% is too high liao.

When you rebute and say while percentage seems high, the increase doesn’t really amount to much depending on one’s household. Then you realise that oh, it is the percentage that makes it a bitter pill to swallow. Then according to a gahmen paper poll, many Singaporeans are unaware of their monthly water usage.

Then after further prodding, you realise they not angry at the water hike per se but rather, just worried about the cost of living. They would site conservancy charges, parking fee increase, diesel hike etc. But our gahmen is not a unkind gahmen. We are NOT a welfare state but we do have programmes to help especially our needy and low income.

Then, may I remind everyone that water prices never raise for 17 years liao (remember the year 2000 when we thought the world was ending). Think our gahmen likes to give it to the people one or two big one rather than tekan small small one 17 times.

Coffee shops will raise price of kopi.

Obviously, they profiteering ah. But gahmen cannot stop them from raising prices. Or Can they?

Hike 6

In the end,  touch your hearts. Is it simply a matter of lifestyle change or opportunity cost and utlimately spend less. Go to less hipster cafes and go Starbucks. Or go less Starbucks and go more kopi tiam. Go go less kopi tiam and make your own 3-in-1 nescafe.  Bring your own container to tar pau. Take bus or MRT instead of uber or grab or taxi. Harsh reality, prices of raw materials increasing world wide.

PUB making too much profits.

Already clarified in the media, PUB operating at a loss. But gahmen spending prudent mah. So got gahmen grants to assist. Why always come up with the left hand go right hand narrative. Why never say the gahmen is the forward thinking?

But actually ah, some  especially the pioneer generation do support the price increase. Why? Coz they know the hardships  and simply refuse to be held hostage over water. I say again…WE REFUSE TO BE HELD HOSTAGE OVER WATER.

I think…we can move on liao. Now, flavour of the day is smoking age raise from 18 to 21.

With that, dun go to the Hong Lim Park protest lah. Why? Dun say Mr Teh Terik never say, according to the weather forecast, there is a chance of thunderstorm that day.

Mr Teh Terik

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Featured image credit: pixabay


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