5 ways to save water in Singapore 2017

YOU HEARD da man, water prices will increase for the first time in 17 years. The increase in water prices seem to be the talk of the town, overshadowing most components of Budget 2017. We are a tad puzzled over how G does her communication work for this portion.

When announcing water prices increase, is there a real need for headlines like this: “Water prices to increase by 30% from July 1 in two phases”? First thing that comes to mind is fuck man, why is G trying to increase every god damn thing now? 

Perhaps a better way to package the news could be: “Water prices to increase by $0.30 to $0.80 cents per cubic metre” – at least the limelight won’t be on this topic. Anyway, the increase in water tax is to reflect rising costs of water. Singapore has been investing hevaily in water treatment and reclamation technologies, we do not want to be buying water from our neighbours forever.
In the current volatile world, who knows what will happen to our water contract.
From what we gathered, desalination, reverse osmosis invovlves a lot of electicity and skilled labour. It is simply not practical to keep the price as of 17 years ago. Alas, any increase in price will not be met with optimisim. Some are out for blood again – those criticising seems to take the GST vouchers for granted. GST vouchers have became a norm, most Singaporeans don’t appreciate the gesture anymore.
Before we end, here’s a short listicle on how to save water in Singapore
1. Use your office faciliites to shower
2. Head to your nearest swimming pool to shower, wash clothes 
3. Use bath tub like the Japanese (too bad if you are the youngest)
4. Use rice water to water plants, wash face
5. Shower with your partner (but if kiss and make-out and what not, might not be a good suggestion)

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