The Terrex incident: We shall not be movedddd….., we from Singapore, we shall not be moved.

GUYS who went through BMT will be familiar with the song, an apt army song for the current Terrex-related incident! Just what’s wrong with China? China is pissing on us like never before.

There was the Global Times incident where they accused us of taking sides on South China Sea (with US), subsequently rumours surface that Singaporean businessmen in China are facing a tough time with their Chinese counterparts, and now, confiscating our Terrex (armour) vehicles.

strawberry nation

Goodness me. This is not the first time that Singapore troops are training in Taiwan, so why the hoo-ha? Singapore’s foreign policy is to make friends with all countries that want to be our friends. Don’t forget, we facilitated the historical meeting between ex-President Ma Ying-jeou and President Xu Jingping last year. Our intentions are clear, we want to be friends with everyone.

We are a little red dot, we cannot afford to make enemies. As long as Singapore’s interests are protected, we are willing to accommodate or go the extra mile. But intimidation? We can never allow other countries to bully us. We stood up against the US during the Michael Fay incident, even Bill Clinton’s personal appeal did not change our stand. What would other countries think of us if we simply kowtow and give in to any countries, and in this case China?

We certainly cannot afford a situation where countries walk all over us. And don’t forget, Singapore is the biggest investor in China. China’s action do not reflect well on themselves.

If you have not realise or been brainwashed by hate sites, Singapore stand has always been Singaporeans before race. Singapore is an independent country and even with a majority Chinese population, we do not owe any special loyalty to China. Why is there a non-Chinese as a minister of foreign affairs? Why PM brings an entourage of different races during his overseas trip? These are signs to show that we are a multi-racial society.

Some Singaporeans insist we apologise to China. WOW, what have they been smoking? Shame on them. We are shipping our Terrex for Singapore’s military use, NOT for the Taiwanese. If we are such pushovers, it will be the end of Singapore. Our modus operandi is to follow and respect international laws, and work within such frameworks.

Big countries can push their weight around (South China Sea hint hint), but Singapore is tough as nails. We make a stand and stick to it. China is using the Terrex incident to send us a message.

However, we are not mouthpieces. We will not be moved.


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