What the hell, just endorse PM Lee Hsien Loong! 

IN OUR previous post, we wrote how Deng Xiao Ping’s Johari Window is applicable to Singapore’s Elected Presidency (EP) and questioned whether is there even a need to seek public opinion. 

A recent blackbox survey indicated that less than four in ten Singaporeans have followed the news on EP. Are the remaining 6 plus Singaporeans oblivious or simply trusting of G?

Just thinking out loud, should we just agree with the EP changes and move ahead? After all, PM is the leader of our country. Since he feels that there is a need to make necessary changes, should we just endorse him? He has been our leader for so many years, we don’t feel he is making a wrong decision. 

Yes, the timing of the changes raises emotion and suspicion. But one cannot deny that the criteria is outdated. 

If he really wanted to fix it such that he remains in power, why doesn’t he just go back to appointing the President? It will then be a sure thing.

101 arguments out there, we just threw another one into the ring. 

Trust your leader. Endorse him. 

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Photo source: PM’s FB


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