Strategically speaking? #PE2017

HOW IS Deng XiaoPing’s version of Johari window applicable to Singapore’s Elected Presidency? If you have not been reading (or can’t be bothered), the writing on the wall tells us Presidential Election (PE) 2017 is probably reserved for a minority. 

Deng’s Johari window has four components, 1) Things that can be done, 2) Things that cannot be done 3) Things that can be said and 4) Things that cannot be said.

So, which component does PE 2017 falls under? Is it, “Can do but cannot say”? Or “Can say and can do”? An old uncle we spoke to tell us that the G should just implement all the changes, it is a case of “can do, cannot say (or rather, don’t need to say)”. 

Obviously G now is engaging the public and adopting the “can do can say” method. Which brings us to our next point, is G trying to stop Tan Cheng Bock from running? 

This must be talk of the town, the candidate that lost by a small margin previously is being denied by G. 

Is G really trying to deny TCB? If you believe so, then G is screwing TCB by allowing a minority representation PE. 

On the other hand, pause for a moment and think. Say the next election is a free for all one and is based on the old set of rules. How many candidates can G activate? 

Off my head, I name George Yeo, Tharman. Whether it’s uncle George or good old Tharman, I believe they would definitely get an upper hand over TCB. TCB will definitely give them a run for their money but note that George or Tharman is not TT. To put it in footballing terms, George, Tharman are like Ronaldo Messi whilst TCB is like Baloeteli! 😁

Lastly, it’s only sensible to update the criteria. After all, Singapore has changed so much compared to 20 odd years ago. Current changes are not implemented to disqualify TCB.

Regardless how things go, the road to presidency is over for TCB. Sadly, he did not win the last round and now, it’s like a last mile media attention campaign. ☹️

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