Political Mileage – Joseph Schooling

Actually, no need to say so much. Everything that needed to be said about the son of Singapore Joseph Schooling has been reported in the Straits Times and Channel News Asia etc.

Schooling Featured

In our blog post in May when Les-ter City won the Premiership, we wanted to see which Ministers used that to enhance their profile. Today, we just wanna do a stock take as to which Ministers used Joseph Schooling as political mileage are proud of Joseph Schooling  putting Singapore on the map. So here’s the score:

Happy to report most have at least one FB post about the victory. But here are some mentions:

  • Never post about Schooling: Khaw Boon Wah, Lim See Say (but at least he got post about semis)
  • Two posts about Schooling (Gold): DPM Teo Chee Hean, Vivian Balakrishnan, Ng Chee Meng, Grace Fu (Heng heng Mediacorp got live telecast but she still receiving flak)  
  • More than two posts about Schooling (Gold): Tan Chuan Jin (5 posts)
  • Best Post: DPM Tharman (He chose the unconventional route to focus on the lao pei)
  • Lame Post (Please leave Schooling jokes to SGAG or 9GAG):  Ng Chee Meng and Ong Ye Kang (I guess they have to do it since they are MOE Ministers)
  • Shot himself in the foot Post: Technically not a Minister but here you go, Lim Biow Chuan (for advocating public holiday but he has removed the post)

Lim BC

  • Unity Posts (3 main political parties all got post): Workers Party, Singapore Democratic Party and People’s Action Party

Mr Teh Terik

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<Featured Image Credit: Reuters>


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