Oh Baby please! Give a little respect to me!

When you see the tagline, I think the first thing you think of is Erasure’s A Little Respect. But only if you grew up in the 80s. Strawberry generation who grew up with Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift won’t know this song.

But I don’t want this to be a clickbait so hopefully the cover image will give you a sense that this article is about nurses. In short, they are one of the most underappreciated staff. In simple maths, as population increases, the waiting time also increases so people KPKB. But it is fair? I heard waiting time at hospital can go up to 6 hours but that is in A&E where it is not first come first serve but based on the urgency of cases.

Nurses always kena on social media. Especially the most recent case in Choa Chu Kang Polyclinic.Not only was the patient Karen given the wrong jab but was given wrong info. She wanted to use her Medisave so she filled up a form. Then told by cashier don’t need form but when she got home, they told her need form.

Of course kena whack jialat jialat! Not as bad as the NAC bins though. Oops.

But they have also been in the news for good deeds. After all, if you kena accident, you think regular folks off the street  will help you, ah? In fact, it is the nurses (foreign and local) who will save your ass. After all, they took the nursing pledge, I suppose. View the pledge here.  Also, don’t forget they put their lives on the line during one of our crisis SARS.


So the next question. The Minister in charge of Health, how? Got give respect to nurses or not? On that note, three side notes for him. First ah, he will always be remembered for the Hep C and the “Don’t wan a blame culture”.

Second, he so forgettable that this nerdy site cannot even spell his name correctly. Gan Ki Yong? Hahaha.

Then if you click on the article, it shows his name as Gam Kim Yong. Wah piang!

MOH - Copy


Third, not easy to hire sinkies (locals)to be nurses. He was even asked if his daughters want to become nurses. Don’t think he want to answer that.

So back to the nurses.

Then I think got another junior Health Minister, Chee Hong Tat who seems to stand by the nurses.

He also wrote a note to stand by the nurses during the Hep C incident. Most Ministers will siam. Steady lah!

Then another lady Minister Dr Amy Khor also appreciates nurses.

Apart from the ministers, patients also do appreciate the nurses. Check out the video from the Hidden Good where the nurses of ward 28 of Changi Hospital received a wonderful surprise.

So Singapore, today is Nurses Day. Unlike other countries that celebrate nurses’ day on 12 May, Singapore celebrates on 1 August as it is the beginning of the development of nursing in Singapore. According to Singapore Infopedia, Nurses Day is a day set aside to honour and recognise the contribution of nurses to Singapore. It is usually marked with celebrations for nurses, which include graduation ceremonies, blood donation drives, concerts, exhibitions, funfairs and charity events.

So, the next time you go to a polyclinic or hospital, won’t you spare a thought for them and give them a little respect?

Mr Teh Terik

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<Featured Image Credit: National Library Board>


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