TOC got it wrong; NDP 2016 gonna rock! 

THE usual crowd favourites are missing. The amoured vehicles, Red Lions, massive fireworks. How would NDP fare without these performances?

Quite bloody well I must say. Based on the final preview held on 30 July 2016, NDP 2016 gonna rock the house eh! 
Spoilers ahead! Stop reading if you are going to watch NDP! 

Enter the area and you will notice a larger-than-life props hanging from the roof. What are those props for? 
A mini-play featuring Badang(lesser known legend), a mini-dance concert performance, a sing-along performance – Count On Me Singapore using sign language. This year NDP is performance centric with heavy reliance on technology. 

Just look at the pictures I’ve attached below, you will be blown away! 
My message? DON’T DISCREDIT THE PERFORMERS! They have put in so many hours into the rehearsal and all I read from alternate media is “NDP 2016 will be the worst ever!”

Did alternate media(AM) consider the feelings of special need performers? How can AM put them down like this? Just because they wanna to discredit G? 

If you are a fireworks fan, the mini-fireworks work well for me; audience are much closer to the fireworks and they are fired in sync with the various performances. 

Yes, there will be fireworks throughout the session. 

And Yes, it’s without the usual rah rah but this year’s NDP is more meaningful. It’s about inclusiveness. 


PS: Our local band 53A will be performing. Support local, Support Singapore. 

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