Opening Pandora’s parking box

G IS fucked again. Many Singaporeans are out for blood over the recent announcement on increase in public parking fees. For those who realized that the announcement will lead to an increase in private parking, give yourself a pat in the back!

Bad, bad public comms

Again, public communications have failed. Actually, will any form of communication help? Any increase in fees will result in G getting fucked. Consult citizens before raising fees,  say wayang. Raise fees without consultation,  say never consult.

I read that part of the reason for the increase is to be in line with other cities; to be frank, that’s oral bullshit. The ACTUAL reason is budget, which I will try to explain more below and I wonder why can’t G be upfront with it.

strawberry nation

Soon, this pricing will be a thing of the past

Why G should not increase public parking fees:

  1. Bad timing with looming economy
  2. Increase in parking fees not a valid reason to curb car population
  3. Another textbook example of – it’s after GE, time to increase fees – Haha, you voted for this.

I’ve also heard an ivory tower perspective that if you cannot afford, don’t drive. Please please please don’t let me hear it coming from the G.

Why G should increase fees:

Ah-ha, this is the fun part the no one writes about.

First, G is not a populist Government. Being G is all about making the unpopular decisions; which reminds me of a quote we shared on our FB, “Opposition is all about asking awkward questions, G is about not answering them.” – Kidding, kidding ah. So, be a man, bite the bullet and just do it.

Second, budget. Every new term of G starts from a clean slate. All revenues from the previous term will be placed in the reserves and the new cabinet starts from scratch. The new cabinet needs to fund for spending and implement new initiatives? We have the Silver Support Scheme which will benefit some 140,000 Singaporeans, GST vouchers – which costs 190million annually, Baby Bonus and KidStart(ignore the lousy info-graphics) and SME grants. G needs to collect more revenue.

Third, this is a “tax” on luxury goods – how I miss this term. Car ownership is a luxury and higher expenses are the price to pay. Of course the filthy rich can afford the increase in fees; it is loose change to them. To nuclear families, this is an additional cost, no doubt about that – but it is also the penalty to pay for convenience.


Do I agree with this? My heart says fuck you but my mind gives a little nod.

G should really work on their comms plan as the younger generation will not be so forgiving in the years to come. GE2015 is a freak election, no doubt about that.

I see the big picture in my mind, but it is a little cloudy.

Joe S

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Update as of 5 July 2016 – It is due to a BIG JUMP in running cost thus the increase in fees


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