Foreign Funding NOT Pink Dot 2016 

SINGAPOREANS and only Singaporeans can decide what kind of society to live in.

G is not going to chase businesses like Google, Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan out of Singapore and Pink Dot has clarified that the sponsors are incorporated in Singapore.

“The ministry said it would make clear that foreign entities should not fund, support or influence such events. It added that, in the context of LGBT issues, this applies both to events that advocate the LGBT cause, such as Pink Dot, as well as events that oppose the LGBT cause.” Source – CNA 


No foreign funding applies to all events at Speakers’ Corner, not just Pink Dot. Read the article carefully and it states that there should be no foreign funding for events that OPPOSE the LGBT cause too. This statement has been overlooked by many, which is why I want to highlight it here.

On face value, G seems to be making a big fuss and appeared threatened but as a Government, there is much to consider. One of the main considerations is the agenda behind the funding. The focus is ON foreign funding and NOT against LGBT. Sometimes, I can’t help but feel the G shoots themselves in the foot when they release statements in conjunction with events. In this case, the CNA article implied that G is against LGBT.

Personally, I feel G’s position since Day 1 has been quite neutral and consistent. G neither actively support LGBT nor condemn it and this is the FACT. Pink Dot has been having their annual event at Hong Lim, was there any prosecution from the G? As for those known bars and clubs at Tanjong Pagar, life goes on as normal.

strawberry nation

Singaporeans will decide our future and only SINGAPOREANS can do so. As of 2016, G still need to cater to the needs of conservative and religious groups. If more and more Singaporeans feel that we should be a pro-LGBT society, we will move towards those lines.

Internet has already increased the visibility of LGBT and in my opinion, it is just a matter of time before we normalise LGBT, i.e. remove Section 377A of the penal code. I’m sure many of us have friends that are LGBT and we are cool with it. The question however, is when? Five years later, 10 or shall we wait for SG100?

It’s just that at the moment, our society cannot accept an alternate lifestyle.


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