Unsung heroes? Nah, they are the henchmen!

SHERLOCK Holmes has Dr Watson, Batman has Robin, Han Solo has Chewbacca, the list goes on. Every leading character has a sidekick or sidekicks doing their leg work.

As for Chee Soon Juan, he has Dennis Heng and the “grinning dude”. You can spot both of them in the below photo:

strawberry generation

Dennis Heng and the grinning dude 

Dennis Heng is the actor from Moulmein High, gotta say he is better looking in non-red clothing. haha.

He has been diligently recording numerous door stops that Chee gave, below is one example:

strawberry generation

Dennis is also seen rallying the team prior to the release of the by-election result:

strawberry generation

爱拼才会赢- Ai Piah Cia Eh Yia 

Dennis must be one of Chee’s right hand man, always appearing with Chee. We spotted him again with Chee after the result was announced.

strawberry generation

The next henchman is Mr Grinning. We don’t know his name but like Dennis, he has appeared many times with Chee.

strawberry generation

We love his GRIN. So contagious. Watch how passionately he looked at Chee Soon Juan.

Now to the serious stuff.

Being a party member is a thankless job. Party members usually perform the odd jobs or what RTSN calls the hands and legs work.
Recording sound bites, taking photos and uploading them onto social platforms, manning booths at the rally sites, party members put in a lot of sweat and time. When credit is due, the candidate gets all the credit and party members are the ones neglected. That is fine; ultimately, the goal of party members is to serve their candidate to their best capacity.

We take this opportunity to thank all party members for their hard work, regardless who you support.

Difference in political preferences does not make you lesser of a person. The amount of hours, dedication that you have put in have already made you a different person. You have step up, come forward; the lessons and experiences have made you grow.

As for Murali, he actually rose from a supporting actor role (branch secretary) to candidate (main actor) and eventually a Member of Parliament(Award winning actor).

Maybe one day, the odds will be in your favour. Or perhaps you can do a Leicester City.


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Photos are taken from SDP’s FB page



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