Face it, it is another Crushing Defeat

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IN OUR earlier post, “Chee Soon Juan, you have already won (regardless of the result)“, we wrote how Chee Soon Juan dominated the online space and has actually won. Were we right? Even Chee mentioned that it does not feel like a defeat. Eliz (our beloved photographer) has something in mind and here are her thoughts:

The Stats

I am using GE and PE’s figures as comparison as the two events were roughly 9 months apart. Chee did manage to get another 12%, and close to 10,000 residents voted for him.

General Election 2015: 26.4% for Sadasivan Veriyah

By-Election 2015: 38.79% for Chee Soon Juan

To me, this is considered a defeat; and a major one. Why?

The By-election effect?

The by-election effect turns the tide in opposition favor and since 1979; PAP has not won any by-election. The previous by-election at Punggol East and Hougang yielded victory for Worker’s Party. By-election effectively provides opposition two factors to exploit, firstly to correct previous election results (in this case GE 2015) and secondly, to balance power in Parliament.

David Ong and GE2015

Had to bring David Ong back into the picture after his jolly good time.

Say I am a resident and I voted for David, David did screw with me by knowing that his indiscretions betrayed the trust I placed in him. Would I be inclined to give SDP a chance? Yeah, why not? This is the magic of BE, providing the opportunity to correct the results.

Chee’s colleagues reminded residents of David during the rally. Whether it was an intentional move, no one knows except the SDP team. Nevertheless, it was a shrewd move and should have gained some votes.

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Opposition Voice

There is a vast difference between GE and BE. I’m assuming most Singaporeans are logical and during GE, Singaporeans will go the safer option. However for BE, with MIW dominating majority of the seats in Parliament, there is an inclination to give the opposition the chance and vote them into Parliament.

This concept that MIW will still be in power is an extremely powerful point that Chee has exploited ruthlessly. “Vote me into Parliament; let me be your voice in Parliament.” Regardless of results, MIW will still be in control and Chee is THE ideal, outspoken candidate.

With these two factors working in Chee’s favour, is 38.9% too little of votes to expect? How about support based on racial lines?

Racial Lines

Writing this point is NOT trying to cause any racial discord but voters do vote along racial lines. Some, not all and you definitely have friends and family that vote this way. Placing a minority against the Secretary General of SDP, the worry was that Bukit Batok residents will vote for the Chinese.

With the benefit of hindsight, is this a sign that Singaporeans are out rightly rejecting Chee as a candidate?

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Can SDP win as long as Chee Soon Juan is party leader? If you have not realised it, SDP has not won any elections since Chee became the leader. The point on machine politics (mentioned in the previous post), their egomaniac leader is the issue.

Singapore is a country with high social media penetration rate and a declining mainstream media readership. All the work that Chee and his party did online should have given them the victory; or at least 45% of the votes.

Personally, it is sad to see Chee making excuses for his defeat. The tides are in his favor and with a fantastic social media team supporting him; you blame it on the state controlling the media? How about being gracious in defeat and admit that politics is not your cup of tea. You have performed poorly : (

Thankfully for PAP, they did not encounter the WP machinery in Bukit Batok. The winless BE streak has been broke.

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Photos from SDP FB page.


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