End of the road for Dr Chee Soon Juan?

IN Sun Zi’s Art of War, Sun Zi wrote “Making no mistakes is what establishes the certainty of victory.” This was certainly what Murali did. That was a hint of pork barrel politics when he mentioned about the 1.9 million upgrades; other than that, Murali fought a clean campaign.

PAP’s Murali Pillai: 61.21%

SDP’s Chee Soon Juan: 39.79%

strawberry nation

Fighting a losing battle?

Was Chee Soon Juan fighting a losing battle all along?

In our previous blog post, we mentioned that this by-election was effectively brand PAP versus Chee Soon Juan. Was the PAP branding too strong to tackle?

We all know that traditionally, most elderly are supporters of MIW. How much this transpired to votes for Murali, we are guessing a good 15%? Securing another 36% of the votes won’t be that tough right?

Reputation is temporary?

Was Chee’s colourful past too distasteful for most to handle?

This boils down to character. When Lee Wei Ling publicly denounced Chee’s on Facebook, it sort of tilted the online battle. Tharman’s rally speech on Thursday also smacked Chee in the face, exploiting numerous loopholes in his proposals and shaming him as a populist, and a person that “does not do his homework.” Our assessment is that LWL’s simple Facebook posting was one of the deciding factor of this campaigning, while Tharman’s speech was classic Tharman style, there was little traction on his speech.

On the voters’ minds?

Which is pertinent? National issues or municipal issues?

Our take for Bukit Batok by-election is that municipal issues mattered more to the voters, based on the make of the voters. They are less concerned with national issues and falling under the Jurong Clementi Town Council umbrella is the viable choice.

strawberry nation

Social Media

Once again, good social media showing does not mean more votes. This may be true one day but right now, we are still at the early stages.

We have to applaud SDP’s social media team, they have done a bloody good job. The slogan, urging people to use “Now is the time” profile picture – damn tok kong.

What’s next for Chee Soon Juan?

Chee is now 53 or 54 years old. By the next election, he will be nearing his 60s. Will age be an issue for him?

An honest assessment is that Bukit Batok by-election is his make or break moment. He has contested in many GRCs and has yet to win. Is this a sign that politics is not his cup of tea? Or simply voters can’t see through his past?

Another worrying factor for the party is the lack of successor. SDP is effectively a one man party and machine politics – one person controlling the machinery of the party to control power. What is the future of this party and Chee?

strawberry nation

Rhetorical Powers

It has been a good 9 days.

Chee Soon Juan’s oratorical skills are stuck with us. He is a person that can connect during rallies; our puny minds were almost brain-washed. Chee is indeed a good speaker; we love his pacing and conviction. One thing to note (if our blog post ever gets to him) is his answering of questions. Bad, bad. He gets caught off guard and stammers when reporters ask him something he has not thought of.

Lastly, congrats to Murali. He will definitely do a good job. Murali finally got his ticket into Parliament after his works in Aljunied. Just wondering, is Victor Lye the next in line?

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Photos are from SDP FB page and CNA.  


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  1. Only 4 in 10 Singaporeans think. Our education system that doesnt encourage critical thinking will be SG’s own undoing.


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