Chee Soon Juan, you have already won (regardless of the result)

OF LATE, we have been quietly observing the political scene; reading FB pages, blogs and plans of both candidates. We also attended rallies of Chee Soon Juan and Murali Pillai. No comments, no posts from us, partly because we’ve been lazing and going to the zoo.

Who do you think we support? We promise to be brutally honest in this blog post.

strawberry nation

Online King

The online space is dominated by no other than Chee Soon Juan.

Looking at SDP’s FB page, the photos and videos are gaining so much traction; I wonder how the social media team for PAP is reacting. They started off badly, undecided whether to use Murali Pillai FB or PAP Bukit Batok FB as the anchor. Their content in terms of videos are alarmingly bad, photos are borderline.

As for SDP, they came up with the ugly slogan “Now is the time”, asked supporters to use it as their profile picture. Good move btw. The use of Facebook live by Chee was also a terrific initiative. Chee has also been candidly expressing his views, giving way too many doorstops and of course shooting himself in the foot if you managed to see beyond his eloquence.

Alternative media and anti-establishment personnel have also been throwing their weight behind Chee and SDP. Common narrative is to give Chee a chance as he is a changed man, to I’ll change my name to Ah-XXXX, mocking Murali use of Ah Mu. Fair and good argument though.

strawberry nation


Humans or Singaporeans tend to be anti-establishment. Hand to heart, we have been reading more on Chee compared to Murali, as the spotlight is always on Chee. Which is why Chee is so appealing.


“Vote me into parliament”

When Chee Soon Juan mentioned that there won’t be any difference if you vote Murali into Parliament (since there are so many PAP members), that really hit the nail.

“Vote for me and I promised to speak up for you in Parliament”

Murali Pillai

Murali is quietly going around.

No Facebook live, simple updates. Not much excitement in short. Being the branch secretary of Bukit Batok before he moved to Paya Lebar, he most probably has some form of support base, which we’re guessing the above 50 age group of the electorate (these group will also remember Chee’s past).

One point to note that Murali is fighting Chee using the PAP branding while Chee aka megalomaniac is synonymous with SDP.

If you are still reading this post, let us take you to Murali’s Hwa Chong days. During his school days, he could not afford to stay at the school’s hostel, so he stayed in Hwa Chong storeroom along with 5 friends. Murali was not born with a sliver spoon and simply by his association with the party, he is deemed out of touch or just another candidate. Hey, he got put in effort one okay!

He has since gotten out of the poverty cycle, succeeded and has been giving back to the society. This is definitely a person worth supporting.

“I don’t see politics as a career, this is a cause, this is a sacred duty.” – Murali Pillai

Is Chee a changed man?

Why not give Chee a chance?

Chee Soon Juan is an excellent speaker, no doubt about that. He articulates well, portrays himself as a family man and tugs heartstrings. The sad thing is when RTSN goes for our ice cream outing, Chee Soon Juan keeps appearing in our minds. Go way Chee, go away Haagen-Dazs, go away Walls.

Only Chee knows if he has changed. But the ability to tug your heartstrings or use of emotions is an important campaigning tool.

For instance, after his character was attacked, he made this statement:

I want to tell you that there are many things in life that I want to teach you as a father. But the most important lesson that I can impart to you is that we don’t ruin others in order to rise up, we don’t step on others dreams in order to fulfill ours, and we don’t ridicule others for not being like us. – Chee Soon Juan

Wow. So much class.

He also spoke about elderly issues, retrenchment insurance, CPF to name a few. These topics are close to the heart and eventually, all of us will encounter it some way or another. The problem IS, he has been making all these statements and promises, can he fulfill it? HOW is he going to do it and HOW will it affect the Singapore as a whole?

We believe he is missing the bigger picture and as many attackers of Chee put it, talk is cheap.

CHEE SOON JUAN, you can be anything you want to be except a POLITICAN. 

Yes, with your colourful history and not holding a job (book sales definitely not of the world), these 2 factors will always be your stumbling blocks.

And if what your detractors say is true, this is your strategy:

haha - Copy

The effective use of apophasis.

Small Margin

We believe that Murali will secure victory with 55% of the votes. Chee, with his excellent online campaigning should be able to garner another 20% from the previous results – along with the by-election effect.

The fact is, as the title suggests, Chee is already a victor.

He has successfully gotten his ideas across, tugged many heartstrings and gained support.

But if character is permanent, he is still the same old Chee.


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