The Gangsta MP #ThugLife

Recently, in the aftermath of GE2015, the Straits Times did a sort of a fun piece titled “Six months on the ground: New MPs on their political journey so far” to see how the new Members of Parliament (MPs) are settling in their constituencies. Most of them should have already been visiting residents, attending events and running Meet-The-People sessions.


Image Credit: The Straits Times


Of course some MPs chose not to participate in this Q & A while others were game. The Straits Times asked the following questions: Their biggest gaffes in the last six months, the loss of their political innocence and which Harry Potter House they would put themselves in.

They say that you can spin your real life or online persona but the best way is to be personal and authentic because people can tell. As such, here are some of the lame duck answers.

MP for Jurong GRC

My biggest gaffe was…

On the first night of Chingay, we all got drenched despite the ponchos, including my four-year old daughter. Her spare clothes were wet. I should have put them in a Ziploc bag.

MP for Chua Chu Kang GRC

My biggest gaffe was…

Thankfully, nothing big. But I started my Facebook presence with both profile and page, so now I have to maintain both accounts.

MP for Nee Soon GRC

My biggest gaffe was…

Touch wood. So far so good.

Please lah, the answers suspiciously sound like how will you respond to a “What is your weakness” interview question. Full of spin and definitely not authentic and personal. Maybe even vetted by a PR professional! The last one who said “Touch wood. So far so good.” Sure thing Mr Perfect! We will be watching you to slip up.

Also, their IQ is suspect…I am pretty sure the question refers to your political gaffee. Forgetting putting spare clothes in ziplock and maintaining 2 Facebook accounts not counted lah.

Thus, it was refreshing to see the response from Ms Sun Xueling, MP for Pasir Ris-Punggol response.


MP for Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC

My biggest gaffe was…

There was an important meeting at the Istana, but I had mixed up the dates. I was having chicken wings with my volunteers after doing a walkabout in Punggol when I received a phone call:

Caller: Where are you?

Me: In Punggol

Caller: Are you coming to the Istana?

Me: Err… for what?

Caller: There is a meeting in the Cabinet room. We are all waiting for you.

Me: Huh? Who are you?

Caller: Gan Kim Yong (Health Minister).

This is the most gangsta thing I ever heard from an MP. Imagine if she said “Limpeh coming!” Like that win already. Earlier, we featured her in another of our article The Force looks Good on You, Sun Xueling which established her street cred. I am tempted to make her the Rise of the Strawberry Nation (RTSN) MP of the Year but must ask my editor first. But I will take the liberty to call her the gangsta MP in the meantime.

Oh, in another question, she responded with this.

I lost my political innocence when…

I went for two block visits right after work and had not brought walking shoes. So I visited about 160 housing units in high-heels. I am not sure about losing my political innocence, but I sure lost all feeling in my feet that night.

Definitely, personal and authentic. To be able to admit something like that shows we are not perfect. To take it one step further…here is one of her facebook post that really feels…real.


Image Credit: Sun Xueling FB Page


On that note, want to give a shout out to the following MPs as well for having the spirit of personal and authentic.


MP for Jurong GRC

My biggest gaffe was…

I came late for one event once as I was engaged at an earlier event. I sat down beside an elderly lady and had a conversation with her. She was not from my constituency and came because my residents had invited her. After we spoke for quite a bit, she said: “Is the MP in the area not coming?” I told her I was the MP and learnt that I need to start conversations by properly introducing myself.


MP for Nee Soon GRC

My biggest gaffe was…

Experiencing what it was like to be a driver – I took the passenger to the wrong destination. Thankfully, she thought it was funny, and I did get her to the right destination and she wasn’t late. 

Cheers to Sun, the Gangsta MP.

Mr Teh Terik

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(Image Credit for Featured Image: Studios responsible for film Public Enemies (2009)


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