The Benjamin Lim incident: What about the victim?

With pot shots fired between G and TOC and many arm chair Singaporean critics on Ben’s incident, it seems that the whole country has forgotten about the victim.

Has anyone thought of how she felt?

My partner was molested during her secondary school days. She was seated on the upper deck of a bus when an ang moh chose to sit beside her, with many empty seats available (your usual afternoon bus ride setting). She found it puzzling and was a little worried. A few stops later, the ang moh stroked her thigh.

She was freaking scared and luckily for her, she managed to get out of her seat before further harm was done. She never told her parents about the incident.

For Ben’s case, it was reported that CCTV footage shows him touching a part of her body. After being touched, how traumatised do you think the victim will be? Along with what has transpired after the report was made, I do not know how the victim is feeling.

With the offense committed, how will all of us react if the offender is not 14 but 34 years old, or even 44 years old?

strawberry generation

Like what Jamie has written in the earlier post, I feel two items need to be thrashed out ASAP. Firstly, introduction of additional steps to the protocol. Minors, they are not gangsters or criminals. I feel that Ben might have done that out of impulse, after all, he is still a teenager. Have a counsellor to be with the teen, assess and attend to the teen’s needs at all time. From the time contact is made with the minor till the minor is home. Singapore cannot afford another similar case from happening.

Next, closure to the family members. G needs to work closely with the family on how to help them to move forward. I read the open letter and now another article* that Ben’s dad is disputing actions taken by school. Something is not quite right somewhere and the information vacuum are still apparent.




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