The other side of the coin, the on-going case of Benjamin Lim

A young life was lost and my deepest condolences to Benjamin’s family.

Not long ago; I too was a young boy in a neighbourhood school, trying to find my identity and wondering what life is all about.

After reading articles about Ben and the open letter by his father, I had my reservations about the police. I wondered whether their processes in handling young suspects are correct. Can’t help feeling that someone screwed up somewhere, somehow.

Like many, I’m also feeling wtf on why no one from G mentioned anything about Ben on social media. Was having this conversation with an older colleague when he told me to look at things from another angle. 

He was surprised that the Police’s communication team did not take immediate action to address the online space. He also mentioned three points that I feel are worth sharing.

strawberry generation


Exceptions were made regarding outrage of modesty offense. In normal cases, the suspect will be arrested, handcuffed and brought back for investigation in a Fast Response Car. Suspect may be locked up or interviewed in a private room.

For Ben’s case, the police went in plainclothes and an unmarked car was used. The interview was also conducted in an office. 

Law enforcers have to be law enforcers

Did Ben commit the offense? At this point in time, there is no indication on MSM on the validity of the crime. Nevertheless, law enforcement officers need to do their job. Should they be nice and understanding or tough and impartial? 

If a certain youth did commit an offense, i.e. theft rape, how should they approach it? The framework in place to handle minors is working, but needs be improved.

Bringing in a counsellor

The Police have to do their job. They are law enforcers and we need a safe Singapore. The whole process might be traumatising for a teenager and the current process needs to change. Have a counsellor assigned to the minor. The counsellor will be the contact person for the parents and accompany the minor for interview and all police related matters. 

With all that has been said, this is an unfortunate incident. I hope the case file could be released to close this episode.


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