The New Tin Pei Ling

With the lack of newsworthy articles over the CNY period, anti-G/anti-TPL netizens must be beaming with delight when they read that Tin Pei Ling is the new advisor to Geylang International Football Club (GIFC).

Getting flamed online must be nothing new to Tin Pei Ling, but this fella has gone overboard with such tasteless comments on CNA’s FB article.

strawberry generation

strawberry generation

Born with brain in the @ss….. Sigh, the gf/wife of this fella, do open your eyes wide.

Why TPL?

Any form of publicity is good publicity and with TPL; she is definitely going to give GIFC the required air time. GIFC’s intentions on youth development and community outreach is something many MPs hope to achieve in their wards.

Why not seize the opportunity and link up with GIFC?

TPL knows nuts about football but she will be able to assist on community outreach, corporate social responsibility (CSR), grassroots football and fund-raising activities.

strawberry generation

2nd Chance

The cards have played out right for Tin Pei Ling. After a disastrous 2011 debut, she is different now. She speaks with conviction and is doing a great job in her SMC ward. If you are a believer in giving a person a 2nd opportunity, TPL is a classic example.

strawberry generation

She is fortunate to be part of G’s system; with luck and riding on the coat-tail blah blah blah, but fortune will eventually run out if one does not put in effort. Gotta give her credit for the work she has done and her guts for putting up with all the online negativity.

However, Kate Spade is a tag she needs to live with it for the rest of her career even though she auctioned the bag for charity.

Last but not least, I wish her all the best for 2016. #JiaYou

She will shine bright like a diamond, and perhaps Daniel Goh too. ; )


You can read our earlier post on TPL here –


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