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There is an issue deep in the heart of Singapore Muslims. This issue is something G is unable to understand or chooses to ignore it.

The verdict is already out for Minister Yaacob Ibrahim, the Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs. I need not state the obvious here.

Singaporeans Muslims have A VOICE. They are not EXTREMISTS.

With the emergence of ISIS and increasing waves of terrorist attacks, Singapore Muslims find a need to defend themselves and convince other Singaporeans that they are not linked to the terrorists. There seems to be a constant need for Singapore Muslims to ask for acceptance.

Thus, the question …, “Is the burden of racial harmony on Singapore Muslims”?

Strawberry Generation

Why are we reacting strongly to the Paris attacks compared to the cleansing of Rohingya people in Myanmar? Are we placing too much attention on Islam?

We are indeed searching for a new definition of racial harmony. As Madam Rohayu mentioned in Parliament, the Muslim community has expressed concern over the increasing Islamophobia. It has been observed that some Muslims are growing somewhat more distant from the rest of the Singaporean community. There is a need to have very frank conversations about real issues facing the community.

I hope she is the princess warrior in shining armour.


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  1. “Why are we reacting strongly to the Paris attacks compared to the cleansing of Rohingya people in Myanmar? Are we placing too much attention on Islam?”

    1. The troubles of developed nations are much more visible than developing countries. Furthermore, we’re talking about terrorism in the name of a religion: Islam. And ISIS’s reach has shown to be far and with dire consequences.

    2. The issues in Myanmar are handled differently. Why? Because it is the concern of that particular sovereign nation’s handling of its people.

    3. The author might want to learn more about what is the crux of each issue, rather than just leaving a generalized statement like “are we placing too much attention on Islam”. Yes, it is something about Islam, but the issues are more diverse and deeper than the author seems to have given thought to.

    What I would suggest is the author read more about these situations that have developed, and from the perspective of history and not just refer upon ethno-religious lines.


  2. The irony is that US has raised more concerns about Rohingya than all the ASEAN countries combined. The ASEAN countries prefer to give face to a fellow ASEAN member. And the long accepted excuse of non-interference with another country’s internal affairs. BTW S’pore govt fully expects other countries not to comment or interfere with how it runs S’pore or treats its people. This has been the official stand since independence in 1965.

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  3. Countries should not meddle in other countries’ internal affairs. This is correct – up to a point. What about issues pertaining to human rights?
    Have you never read the US lecturing China and other countries on human rights???
    Is this interfering?


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