Let’s talk about sex. Yes, a bit of that and lots on NCMP

Too much web space have been wasted talking about the NCMP scheme without hitting the nail on the head. I read with disgust that many “alternate media” sites were writing crap about the NCMP scheme.  Arggghhh … Give this blog post a read, I ASSURE you that there will be some take-away.

Quote of the month

If you are the opposition, you need to oppose lah! You can’t be too in line with G, otherwise you will be labelled a lackey or even duckweed. Speaking of duckweed, Chief Low Thia Khiang really impressed me with this “tweetable tweet” of the month. “NCMP is just duckweed on the water of a pond. You don’t have roots, unlike elected MPs where you have a constituency!” We endorse you Chief!

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Duckweed primarily reproduces asexually (Asexual reproduction needs only one parent, unlike sexual reproduction, which needs two parents). Flowers, if present at all, are small. Roots are either very much reduced, or absent entirely.

So duckweed actually got roots; Chief LTK shot himself in the foot? Or foot in the mouth? Then why file for motion to let AP Daniel Goh to take over Ms Lee Li Lian? Yes, shots were fired at him.


1984 saw the introduction of NCMP scheme but sadly, no Winston Smith in Singapore. The late Mr Lee Kun Yew proposed this to ensure there was a minimum number of opposition in Parliament. Justifiable but you can also call it hypocritical depending on which side of the coin you are looking at.

strawberry generation

NCMP as of 2016 and feelings of existing MPs

PM Lee Hsien Loong indicated that he will raise the minimum number of opposition MPs in Parliament, including NCMPs, from 9 to 12, and give NCMPs the same voting rights as elected MPs. It will take place this year once the law is passed.

According to reliable sources, some existing MPs do not entirely agree with PM’s decision.

Of course lah, no one spared a thought about existing MPs and their feelings. The change will placed NCMPs and elected MPs on almost equal footing.

The only major difference now between the existing MPs and NCMPs is the allowance, which is significantly lower (1.8k) – if I’m not wrong.

Why is there only 3 NCMPs for the 13th Parliament?

NCMPs are awarded to the best losers of the election.

The only opposition that won wards in GE 2015 was WP. They have Hougang SMC(1 seat) and Aljunied GRC(5 seats) under their wings. With the existing 9 NCMPs seats, we gotta do some maths here and deduct the 6 seats off the available 9.

9 – 6 = 3. Leon Perera, Dennis Tan and mystery person if applicable.

In case you’re wondering, there won’t be a situation where if opposition win 39 seats and with the 12 NCMPs, they can form the majority of the government. NCMPs are given to the best losers only.

For better or worse?

If all things remain equal for the next GE, 2020 or 2021, it will be a case of 12 – 6 = 6. 6 NCMPs in Parliament.

Is this death to democracy or a genuine move by G to welcome more “alternate” voice?

No one can look into the crystal ball and announce to the world that by the next GE, MIW will continue to win by a landslide and opposition will be stuck with NCMPs.

Given the local politics scene, this seemed to be giving political mileage to whoever is taking up the NCMP position. Remember, there is no freaking free lunch in the world, no point cry father cry mother over it.

There is definitely unfair playing ground and by proving oneself, the votes will come. The next GE will be another interesting one, I’m not overly concerned over the change in scheme for NCMP.

The next milestone is 2017.

Joe Seetoh

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