Workers’ Party Report Card for the 12th Parliament

It is important to have opposition in Parliament. Without them; it will really be “Ownself check Ownself” and who will “empower” our future? 

As we welcome the 13th Parliament, let us recap and take a look at the top few WP moments  …. Drumroll please ….

BTW, the title is irrelevant, it is a hook to make you read ………… (yes yes, we are adopting cheapskate Mothership’s tactics)

#1 – Chief Low Thia Khiang PK PM Lee Hsien Loong

Ouch. If linguistic abilities could be transferred directly to boxing skills, PM will knock out Chief Low in the 1st round. The 2011 team that won Aljunied could barely support Chief Low properly in Parliament. To be completely honest, they did not do their homework and Chief got beaten flat by PM when debating about “constructive” politics.

You can watch the heated debate here:

We call a spade a spade.

 #2 – Pritam Singh: Don’t answer to Parliament

How can you say that in Parliament? No big no small ah! So disrepectful #facepalm ……

What were you thinking when you said” I only answer residents’ questions only but don’t answer parliament. Minister, if you are a resident, I’ll answer your question”. We all know that this is a pertinent issue that all of us need to get off our chest.

Don’t ownself check ownself, tolong tolong.

#3 – Sylvia Lim’s request for peaceful protests

“I would like to ask DPM whether he agrees that no amount of training can really be substituted for actual practice in policing such incidents, and in this light, will (he) consider for example that the police should allow more peaceful protests in Singapore in certain designated roads so that the police can … on a regular basis test their policing capabilities in terms of policing cause-based crowds?”

I totally lost you there mdm.

#4 – Chen Shao Mao’s Silence of the Lambs

Taking 6 seconds before completing his speech on the portion on foreign workers in Singapore.

tongue tied - Copy.PNG

Beware of grenade. The incompetency grenade. Ka-boom.

#5 – Lee Li Lian refusing NCMP’s position.

This will definitely be hotly debated next week.

Seems to be a case of stepping away and NCMP allowance is not comparable to a MP’s one (2k versus 15k).

There is no “sure-win” scenario and when you contested, you should have that at the back of your head.

The question I want to find out is whether you will step down as a MP if you won Punggol East. Show some respect to those that believed in you.

Voters will be like …. Quit playing games with my Heart, my Heart, my Heart. 

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