Yes, Netflix is in town but don’t forget ….

That you only have ‘x’ hours every day.

Pay a flat monthly subscription fee and you can watch movies, TV shows anytime, anywhere. There is also a free one month trial for new members (! Wow ….. Very enticing .…

strawberry generation

The pros are definitely the 2A’s:

  • Accessibility – Watch TV shows and movies, anytime, anywhere.
  • Affordability – Basic plan from SGD 10.98 a month


  • Limitations on the variety for a start – Due to the licensing and copyrights in the region.
  • Grow fat – Curse those love handles
  • No House of Cards – what?!?!? I’m bored with local politics and many of the silly politicians

It will be interesting to see how Singtel and Starhub react to the competition from Netflix. Their business model is slightly different with the core as Asian dramas along with English Football.

As mentioned earlier, you only have ‘x’ numbers of hours every day. I can spend the whole weekend detached from society and for weekdays; perhaps a solid 3 weekdays nights of 3 hours on Netflix? This is actually a very good deal.

Hook me on drama, take my life and money.

Going forward, who will earn my ‘x’ hours? Don’t forget, time is money and time waits for no man.


strawberry generation




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