The Force looks Good on You, Sun Xueling

The Straits Times reported that Ip Man’s punch was stronger than the Force at the local box office over the Christmas long weekend, as Ip Man 3 dethroned Star Wars: The Force Awakens off the top of the chart. But doesn’t really matter because Star Wars brought in more than $1 billion in worldwide ticket sales its first 12 days and is on its way to breaking records left, right and centre.

I know of people who have seen the movie multiple times. So, it is always fun to see some of our MPs do a Star Wars posting. Several people even said they will vote for these MPs based on that. Really can liddat one ah? 

Star Wars (Seah)

Image Credit: Seah Kian Peng FB Page

Okay lah, Dr Tan is not an MP currently but fun to see him post about Star Wars.

Tan Cheng Bock

Image Credit: Dr Tan Cheng Bock FB Page

Even our Prime Minister also went to watch Star Wars with his family at the Cathay although I don’t know how our Prime Minister usually watch movies. Did he go up to the ticket counter to buy or he book online? Oh well.

LHL (Star Wars)

Image Credit: Lee Hsien Loong FB Page

Then Dr Janil Puthucheary (MP for Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC) also posted that his boss watched the movie. Curry-favour the boss? Not in this case. He is a legit Star Wars fan. Check out my other post What does a Porn Star and some of Our MPs (along with the rest of us) are Passionate About

Janil (Star Wars)

Image Credit: Dr Janil Puthucheary FB Page

And Now, for our favourite. Sun Xueling (MP for Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC) posted this on her Facebook page yesterday.

Star Wars (Sun Xueling).JPG

Imager Credit: Sun Xueling FB Page

She confirm winner liao. Why?
1) She has the Jedi Pose. Totally legit! (look at the other guy using one hand hold saber and other hand in pocket. Come on lah, most Jedi use two hands)
2) She has a lightsaber of a Jedi, not the Sith.
3) Her ka-kia (Hokkien for her people or in this case her grassroots people) were in support of her by carrying masks or lightsabers)
4) The post also involves giving out bursaries.
5) She posted “May the Force Be With You” but imagine her saying it in person. Melt already.

Confirm she is worthy of the light side. I will definitely vote for her based on this one post alone.

But, even then, she is no match for our RSTN (Rise of the Strawberry Nation) poster gal, Rey.


If you have time, here is also RTSN’s best and worst of Star Wars we have observed.

Best Social Media Post – The Republic of Singapore Air Force

It is quite cheeky of The RSAF to post something like that especially being a government agency with all its red tape. Steady lah bro!


Image Credit: The Republic of Singapore Air Force Page

Best Marketing Campaign – The Changi Airport Plushies

At first, nobody care about this promo coz have to spend $60 plus another $6 for the plushies (Total $66. Hmm…Execute Order 66?) but once Chewie ran out, people started to collect with wheeling and dealing going on at Carousell. I think BB8 and R2D2 also ran out. People who said they only collect one particular one began to want to collect the whole set. Kudos!

Star Wars Plushies.JPG

Image Credit: Changi Airport Star Wars Landing Page

Lamest of the Lame Promo – SMRT

In one of our post dated 15 December 2015, Mr Fix-It Khaw Boon Wan and SMRT – Do Or Do Not, There is No Try, we shared that SMRT’s press release about their Star Wars themed train was quite skimpy compared to Princess Leia’s bikini. Then, that same afternoon, they came up with a proper release.

In the release, they said  they will have intergalactic Star Wars concept trains that will travel along the North-South and East-West lines. All my Star Wars fan have yet to see this train. Actually, got one friend. She said only the central carriage and it is just stickers all around. Lame. (Note: Someone shared that they did it for less than 10 trains but dunno true or not).

In the release, they also stated  that platform of Raffles Place MRT will also be transformed into an intergalactic battlefield of Dark vs Light sides of the Force. We went to check it out personally! Outright bu yao liao (dun want face) hard selling. Lame of the Lame.

This will be my last Star Wars related post as I look for other interest contents to post. May the Force Be With You…Always.


Mr Teh Terik

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