auld lang syne

As 2015 comes to an end, the one incident that stands out is the passing of our founding father Lee Kuan Yew. Even in his passing, he is able to unite the nation, regardless of race, language or religion. Turns out, even my international friends were mournful, some who even knew more about him than myself, a local boy. Such is the influence of the man.

As I search for the countless tribute clips for the blogpost, I thought this one below was most apt although it brought tears to my eyes…again, especially when someone in the clip yelled out “Thank You Mr Lee.”

Then I remembered this article by mustsharenews and I must say it brought a smile coz he is the original badass. Click the link below for the article.

20 Times LKY Was The Badass You Wished You Could Be 


Image Credit:

Also, he gave more of himself than what we ever knew. Remember Ip Man in the first Ip Man movie when he defend Chinese pride by fighting against 10 Japanese black belts?

Let’s just say Lee Kuan Yew defended the pride of Asians against the Ang Mos.

My original intent was to pick out highlights from the clips but the more I think about it, even though we Singaporeans are time poor, please give up 6 minutes of your life to watch the clip. It is worth every second. Trust me on this, if not, I treat you teh terik.
On that note, I had a dream just before his birthday in September. He came up to me and shared these words which I scribbled down immediately.

“There are many out there who don’t wan’t to put in the hard work to build and contribute to Singapore and enjoy it as it is. Let me tell u this, there are no free rides.”

Even in death, this man continues to impact life. Rest in Peace, Mr Lee, the original Badass.

Mr Teh Terik

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Note: The featured image (cover picture) is credited to The Straits Times


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