Happy Boxing Day – Best Star Wars Ad Ever & Ip Man 3


Image Credit: TwitchFilm.com

Being in a reflective mood, just want to take an opportunity to wish all readers a Happy Boxing Day. Actually, I don’t really know what Boxing Day is and how it is celebrated. I assume in the Western realm, people eat their leftover turkeys? Anyhow, let me share this wonderful Christmas ad that some claimed are the best Star Wars ad ever! Depending on your mood, you may just shed a tear or two.

But before that, let me share three other Star Wars themed ads that entice gift-giving (did you think they were selling goodwill?).

So, this is what netshark.com is calling the Best Star Wars ad ever. The company, by the way, is a German hypermart like Giant and the now defunct Carrefour. Link to the netshark.com article.

What did you think? But anyway, while the hype on Star Wars is overblown, just wanted to draw your attention to another blockbuster from the East whose actor Donnie Yen will be in the next Star Wars movie.

Ip Man 3, like Star Wars has action, romance, conflicted characters, surprise cameos, big battle scenes and a larger than life villain in Mike Tyson.

For Ip Man 3, no need any big budget marketing. Just this 30 second TV spot is good enough.

Oh, did we mention that there are also action figures. 😛

Ip Man.JPG

Happy Boxing Day!

Mr Teh Terik


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