Mothership, you don’t CB lah.


Like some Singaporeans, we enjoy as an alternative to the mainstream media. Apparently, they are the fastest growing digital platform in Singapore in 2015 and currently attract a readership of 3,800,000 each month. They do have interesting articles and contents and they even get the exclusive scoop on news and current affairs. They also don’t give face and whack politicians whether GE or not although they came to Teo Ser Luck’s rescue recently. Hmmmm. 

Teo Ser Luck just got sabo-ed by the Ministry of Manpower

What do Teo Ser Luck, BBC and Ministry of Manpower have in common?

Or maybe they just defend pretty boys coz they never give our favourite former Minister Ah Lui a break.


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However, it looks like the success of 3,800,000 have gone to their heads. Ownself never check ownself. In one of their latest article, I was excited and intrigued by their headline about the Kim Keat hokkien mee. As I read the article, I reeled in horror at certain parts of the articles that were very insensitive. You can read the article here.

Hokkien Mee

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While I have no issues with the author saying he will trust a guy who has known what satisfaction means on any given day (as the owner of Kim Keat Fried Hokkien Mee is opened by a guy who spent a good part of his life hooked on heroin) but I think he cross the line with this remark.


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First of all, you try to sensationalise his past by using banging. Next, this poor girl committed suicide from an overdose. Please lah, have some respect for the deceased. Plus, this is somebody’s daughter. Your mother never teach you manners, issit? How would you feel, if your mother kena bang and then commit suicide. Lousy right?

Then, this is the supposedly moral of the story.


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You don’t CB lah. I bet you never get addicted on heroin before. It is a vicious habit that is hard to kick. You make fun of him so you can have tasty hokkien mee. KNN, lim pei come and whack you upset down lah. Don’t act insensitive. Lim pei tell you, I not stupid okay. I know you are trying to be funny and sensationalise your article so readership will increase right? What happen to’s claims that your site connect with audiences by creating HIGH QUALITY multimedia news and entertainment content that encourages social sharing.

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s a FB comment from FB page about the article.

FB Comment 1

Don’t write skanky articles and ruin’s branding. Please…have some integrity, can or not. Anyway, thanks ah, gonna try his hokkien mee tomorrow.

Mr Ji Pa Ban. 

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P.S Were you banging some ex-pxxxxxxxn? 


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