Mr Liu Lian Bo Bao Jiak Strikes Again!

“There will be plans here for bus interchange and hawker centre. Sorry ah, only when we are voted in ah!”

Eh, sorry, wrong quote. Should be…

“I learnt that some workers prefer to sleep without a mattress as they are used to it back in their home country”.

Our fellow Bangladesh migrant workers aka Brudders are actually unsung heroes. They get a bad rep all the time from the Little India riots to overcrowding the trains or even loitering and resting at void decks (during their lunch breaks). Yet, these are the brudders that will put others before self, including cats. Here is a viral clip that you may already have seen of a brudder rescuing a drowning cat, Indiana Jones style.

You wonder why the local Sinkies in the video only stand and relac one corner but I guess their calling is to record video and share the exploits of the unsung heroic brudder.

These brudders have a hard life with shifts of more than 10 hours. Some are fortunate to be able to come back to a clean, well maintain dorms but others are housed in unkempt dorms infested with cockroaches and bedbugs. But they endure as they are charged large amounts of money by unscrupulous agents so they can work here for a meagre salary (by Singapore standards) to support their family and relatives back home. Yet, they remain resilient. Don’t take our word for it. Even mainstream media reported it.

More than 9 in 10 Bangladeshi foreign workers say they are given unclean and unhygenic food: NUS survey (The Straits Times, June 11, 2015)

Hard life, but foreign workers labour on (The Straits Times, 10 December 2012)

So when Mr Liu Lian Bo Bao Jiak or Mr LKY91 allegedly made the comment or rather a caption on the MOM (Ministry of Manpower) Facebook page during a visit to the dormitory to mark International Migrants Day, he got whacked right away. A statement was issued later on but the damage has been done. Some more picked up by BBC, the one reliable news source all over the world.


Credit: BBC

Then comes the defending by mainstream media.

Apparently, the caption was made by an administrator whom we can guess is probably a mid-level civil servant. Guess he or she will probably not get any Performance Bonus in 2017 and everyone up the chain will get their backside buttered.

In my other blog entry, Baey Song ah! Kiam Pa ah!, we said that these politicians are the choice of the citizens and they are by no means superstars or models but we do hope they maintain a certain say (stature) and don’t post stupid things. In this instance, he did not post the caption so we will give him a free pass BUT…

We do take issue with his photo op of him lying on the foreign worker’s bed. Do or Do Not, There is No Try. Look at the way he had his elbows on the bed, and head not touching the pillow. Like want to lie or don’t want to lie liddat. Why, scared of cockroach infestation, is it? We hope this was not an opportunity for “political mileage” but that you at least give a shit about our brudders’ living and also their working conditions. Can spare a thought for them during your term as Minister of State at MOM?

Mr Teh Terik

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Joe -To add on to Mr Teh Terik’s comments;  bad bad move. 

After a troll replied to MOM’s posting and subsequent MOM’s reply that admin is at fault, this equates to a convenient excuse. What he should done is to apologize, regardless if the post is posted by admin or not. 

This reinforces some politicians are out of touch. #TheForceCantSaveYou


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  1. Which civil servant in his or her right mind would put out a quote like that on his or her own initiative? Can you believe that? Teo must have said words to that effect, that’s obvious. It’s like Chinese saying, you cannot recover the water you have poured over a horse’s head. Damage done. And yes, that picture showed that he was behaving like a puppet, he probably did what someone in his entourage suggest for a MOS ‘photo opportunity’ ! He was obviously a reluctant ‘sleeper’ AFRAID TO GET TOO MUCH OF HIS TORSO AND HEAD INTO CONTACT WITH THE PLYWOOD ‘MATTRESS’ AND PILLOW.

    I recall the incident in Vietnam at the Ton Lee Sap dragon boat race where several mombers of Singapore’s dragon boat team drowned when they were pulled down by currents at a particularly treacherous part of the lake. Teo was with them but there was an ABSOLUTE NEWS BLACK OUT by the mainstream media (MSM) on what role he played during the tragedy. At that time he was an ‘up and coming’ political candidate for high office, so presumably the PAP did all it could to keep him out of or associated him with the deaths of our dragon boat team members. Like what the parents did to keep the current PM out of ‘harms’ way – during school, NS, etc. BTW, Teo se Luck is a brother of a former beauty queen, Teo Ser Lee who had been hired to teach potential president/overseas merit scholars about the finer points of etiquette.


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