Shame on you LTA

Occasionally, we see fights, arguments in law and order Singapore. The last incident I recalled was a man charged for repeatedly splitting at a woman.

Last Thursday, a video on a LTA officer tussling with an Uber driver started circulating. Apparently, a fight broke up over an argument on whether the Uber driver was allowed to drive into the taxi lane. 

The video was accompanied by the below FB post and my first thought was … ‘Uh-oh, LTA is so screwed’ …..

Strawberry Generation

This post was mysteriously deleted from Amber’s FB page

Subsequently, TNP also featured an article on 30 Nov that the Uber driver lost a tooth. No offense to the Uber driver, what was written by TNP felt like soap opera.

Highlights of the article here:

  • Uber driver: Why kick me when I was down?
  • “I think if it were not for (the passer-by), my head might have been hit and I would be dead,” Mr Goh said last night.
  • When told that the LTA officer had been arrested, Mr Goh said he is happy to let the matter rest.
  • He added: “His arrest cannot undo what happened to me, but at least I feel better knowing that he will not be hurting people any more”.

The next day, there was another article online revealing a good Samaritan stopped the fight and he mentioned it was the Uber driver that instigated the fight.

Wah lan eh. So complicated.

I was having a chat with my banking colleagues this morning when a thought came to my mind. Yes, the LTA officer was wrong to throw punches. As a civil servant, blah blah blah, he should not have done that … blah blah.

BUT WAIT. Why did LTA mention that “His service is expected to be terminated upon the completion of the Police’s investigations”? See below FB update on 28 Nov:

Strawberry Generation

Why write that the officer’s service is expected to be terminated upon the completion of Police’s investigation? Isn’t this premature conclusion?

Is going by the “civil servant” way the right thing to do? Yes, the officer screwed up big time by throwing punches but as an organisation, shouldn’t LTA stand behind the officer in time of need?

Regardless what happened, the officer is still a LTA employee. He did not commit murder or fraud. Demonstrating some form of support for the employee actually reflect how the organisation works.

Acting like a robot, following orders blindly. Cover backside. So typical. 

Shame on you. 

Joe(so many times I wanna beat up idiots who cut queue or knock onto me without saying sorry)



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