When the train breaks down

When the train breaks down,
The vulgarities come out.
I see Justice Bao to my left,
Empress Dowager to my right.
The little voice inside me,
Told me to scream and shout.
Who can I blame,
Who can I fuck?
Ah Lui is gone,
We can only rely on Fix-It Khaw.

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After numerous train break downs, disruptions, G must have heaved a sigh of relief that these incidents did not occur during GE period.

Taking a bus is my main mode of public transport and I am so glad that I’m a bus-tie. On days where my lucky stars are shining brightly on me, I will get a seat at the back of the bus. Sitting at the back is cool and especially when you get the seat just beside the window – don’t need to worry about giving up your seat to an elderly or pregnant lady, they usually won’t get to the back.

I sit back, relax, plug in earphones and enter my world of Joe Seetoh.

On my recent train ride to Somerset, I was praying so darn hard for the train not to break down. I was hungry and can’t wait to catch up with my friends.

It sucks big time if you are stuck in a train. Going to work or heading home after a long hard day of work, happily listening to music, browsing FB and ka-boom! #FML.

I have never been stuck in a train but I can imagine the frustrations. Curse and swear at SMRT, G, that’s totally fine. Any incidents effectively mean late for work, messing up after-work plans and a couple of hours down the drain.

Our emotions get the better of us.

What we need to do is to come to terms. There is no turning back now.

Our trains are getting old and there are more people using the trains. The 30% can cry father cry mother (finally I get use this, the 30%, evil laughs*) that won’t change the fact that somehow, the trains will breakdown.

Wear and tear or for some funny weird reasons, the trains will break down mah. G is not stupid and ensuring good public transport is bread and butter to them. There is enough pressure for them to take this seriously and with Fix-It Khaw, we should be in the right direction.

For public transportation, I’m on G’s side. Obviously more can be done and I hope more can be done. i.e., continue to make public transportation affordable and increase frequency of buses and trains.

You can call me a mouthpiece of the G and I don’t fucking care. Anyway, when you encounter the next breakdown, curse and swear.

Let off some steam. But don’t lose that rational mind.


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