Baey Song ah! Kiam Pa ah!

Baey Cape 1 - Copy

I am sure you already read about self-proclaimed selfie king Baey Yam Keng’s Paris post that got him into trouble. At first, we also want to get in on the action and whack him but because he good friends with our good friend Ah Lui so give him face lah.  In fact, they even went to France together with President Tony Tan.

17 May 2015: resident Tony Tan to call on French counterpart during state visit

Baey and Ah Lui

So, anyhow, this is his original post. Lame right? Asking for it, right?

Baey Original - Copy

So face the music lah! Kena whack left, right, centre. Our favourite is The Middle Ground’s Baey Tahan. Chio kao peng!

Baey Middle Ground - Copy Baey MustShareNews - Copy






Baey TNP - Copy Baey Yahoo - Copy






(Image Credit: Respective Owners)

Then hor, this Mr Brown ah, so cheeky and ask Netizens to give him a cape.

Baey Cape 3 - Copy Baey Cape 2 - Copy

(Image Credit: Mr Brown FB Page)

There are two issues at play here. Issue 1 was that the photo was photoshopped. Baey said it is not. The 2nd issue was whether he was being disrespectful to the victims of the Paris shootings by his narcissistic behaviour. Well, he is a self proclaimed selfie king, so what do you expect. After all, research shows that selfies linked to narcissism, addiction and mental illness. Really, never bluff one. Can find on google.

One netizen kau pei kau bu “Who does he think he is, superstar or model?”

Frankly, give us Baey’s selfies rather than that insensitive opportunist LKY workout FB post or find out from Lee Bee Wah’s FB post that she kena diarrhea. 😛 Ultimately, these politicians are the choice of the citizens and they are by no means superstars or models but we do hope they maintain a certain say (stature) and don’t post stupid things.

Screenshot_2015-03-24-22-20-39 - Copy Lee Bee Wah - Copy

Mr Ji Pa Ban

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