Lui Tuck Yew – Unattached and Available (Part I)

Lui Tuck Yew

From Mr Lui’s FB

Former Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew or as affectionately known as Ah Lui (or affectionately known by his critics as *uck Yew), is currently single and available based on his final facebook posting on 2 October 2015. While the focus now is on the Magic Wan aka Minister Fix-It Khaw Boon Wan riding the wrong direction on the circle line and blaming breakdowns on rats, Ah Lui must be enjoying his sleep as the train systems continue to break down.

So, what is Ah Lui up to these days?  In the days of the GE campaign, he was not idle but helping out by putting up campaign signs. Then he achieved cult status by appearing in various meme and even having his own fake blog, The Tuck Yew Diaries by Vulcan Post. Don’t think he can get too pissed though. Imitation is the best form of flattery.

lui tuck yew

Tuck Yew and the GE setup days

Then suddenly, it became a game of “Spot Tuck Yew at the Rallies”.

lui tuck yew

Spot Tuck Yew!

The alternative media also jumped on the game of “Spot Tuck Yew at the Rallies”.

lui tuck yew

love PAP?

Soon after the landslide victory, there were a few who were quick to acknowledge his efforts. One thing is for sure. We know who his true friends are – Melvin and Denise with such heartfelt messages.

lui tuck yew

Tuck Yew’s Auntie Fan Club

lui tuck yew

Tuck Yew’s Uncle Fan Club

With the new Cabinet formed, the big boss along with other parliamentary colleagues made sure to acknowledge Ah Lui.

lui tuck yew lui tuck yew

lui tuck yew

we love you Tuck Yew

So what is life for Ah Lui after the GE? To be continued…

Mrs Transporter(Loyal reader of Rise of The Strawberry Nation)

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